Validator DAO Council Candidate: Crazy Frate Validator ( "FRATE" Grozav Dumitru)

Hi! My name is Dumitru and this is my candidacy.
I am a family man from Ukraine and I got introduced to Harmony by my son. Inspired by the accessibility of this blockchain and having the idea of a reserve tool that will not keep me tight to the banking tools limits, I created FRATE token on ViperSwap. The next step was expected - to start my own Validator that would use FRATE token as its reserve tool, buying it out on ViperSwap.
And ONLY WHEN creating the Validator I started bumping in those problems which will bump in any NON TECH person seeking to become a Validator - and they will be more of these people and more in the nearest future. The questions are arising starting from the very beginning when you read the docs and not because of the docs, but because we are humans and all new things make us confused and only staying strong we may step forward despite all criticism and fear of failure.
So from here, the decision came up to participate in these elections .

Since the mandate will be only till the end of December 2021 the tasks I will put the effort to fulfill will be:

  1. Create the Validator’s School.
    We need a system that will allow and will motivate new people to become sustainable, knowledgeable Validators. The docs are not enough, even though they are great.
  2. Work with Community, Harmony Community DAO, and Harmony Team to put in place the possibility for small validators to combine their pool with limits only based on Total Effective Staked Ammount of the small Validators agglomeration.
  3. Create the system that will allow small Validators, certified by the Validator’s School, to get help acquiring new delegators.

The above 3 tasks comply with Harmony Validator DAO Mandates listed below and from this point look to be achievable to me till the end of the current year :

  • Decentralization: bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles
  • Security: support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling
  • Participation: facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements

Wish me luck and if you believe that the solutions I specified have to be implemented, vote for me when the elections start. :blue_heart: :blush:


Welcome to the Harmony validators! Great to see your interest and best wishes.

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Thank you @HankTheCrank :blush:

We decided during AMA to post the answers to the 3 main questions of the AMA:

  1. What can you contribute to the Validator DAO?
    As I mentioned, I am a non-tech person that decided to become a validator. Going from here, with 0 knowledge of Linux and whatever else it may be needed in a classical expected picture of a Validator, despite all challenges and thanks to Validators community support, I got my node up and running. Great docs, great community support, still for a non-tech person it requires the straight to ask dummy questions, questions that have the answers already in the docs, etc.
    So my contribution will be this experience of such a guy that understands the “outsider” and this will help us all to create and adapt the tools that will make the onboarding fast and easy for literally anyone that has the technical and financial resources to meet sufficient requirements to have the node up and running.
  2. what does “DAO” means to you and why is participating in governance of Creative DAO important to you?
    Thinking of the DAO I remembered the year 2014 when people of Ukraine gathered together on Maidan and fought and got the dictator president out of the country. The Maidan solved a big problem for the Ukrainian community.
    DAO for me is similar Maidan - community gathers in DAO through elected Governors which have to solve all challenges in getting the community to the targets we have in front of us. For that community delegates them the specific mandates so the governors have them as a guide from the community about the direction where we, as a community, have to move.
  3. The Validator DAO is in the moment working on a program to bootstrap validators. What do you believe would be the best certification of a prospective recipient of the VDAO bootstrap funds?
  1. It should be a small Validator with a sustainable node (technical parameters)
  2. The person should be certified by Validators shool ( means he was trained and he knows how to deal with known issues that he may encounter)