Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: QuickOne_Validator

Hello all,

I would like to announce QuickOne_Validator candidacy for Term 4 – Q2 2022 of the Validator DAO.

I am running my validator from home, with two nodes from two different locations, in the near future I plan to have a third backup node (at least until the moment the protocol will allow it). I have been involved with harmony since summer 2021, and in October 2021 I decided that I wanted to be part of the network and started my own validator. Through the help of Or1on and Harmoforce I have been elected since January 2022. All this time I have learned the importance of decentralization, the network growth and community support, and would like to contribute by being a member of VDAO for Term 4.

Decentralization: help onboard new validators, help unelected validator to reach stable conditions, educate validators and delegators on the importance of decentralization.

-I am mostly active on Harmoforce group (Telegram, Discord and Reddit) and Validator Initiative (Telegram). Harmoforce is a group of passionate people who want to contribute in the decentralization of the network, we put all our stake together on the unelected validators and help them get elected. Through this “simple” process we have helped so far 6 unelected validators reach stable conditions.
-I have also assisted delegators, new validators or aspire to be validators with information, troubleshooting and installation assistance, over Reddit, Discord and Telegram.
-I have helped users and validators with technical assistance on specific issues/questions that they had, and invited them to be part of Harmoforce and help new unelected validator to promote further decentralization.

Security: promote best practices, better tools for better automation and less human error. Educate users on practices and security.
-Security is an important matter, and applying the best practices is crucial. I have some experience with security and IT infrastructure. I will use my knowledge and experience to help validators with the issues that they might have.= and I will assist them to automate most processes that they might have to reduce the human error and to replicate their environment as fast as possible for DR scenarios.

Participation: enable participation into the proposal discussion, get new ideas, facilitate discussion, help with protocol upgrades, get more votes.
I have participated and followed all the protocol upgrade proposals and encouraged new validators to take part as well. I will help to get new ideas and make them more visible to initiate better discussion for better results. And I will help to get more validators to participate in voting of the protocol upgrades.

A little about me. I am an IT specialist, with more then 10 years of experience, I like to take on challenges and test my knowledge. I am passionate on Automatization, Blockchain and Cloud. I am easy to talk to, so if you have any issues or just want to say hi, jut reach out to me via one of my social media contacts. You can find me more active on telegram @QuickOne_Validator.

I am grateful for your time and support,



Good to see you put your name in there!

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Trust me guys, he’s a genius and would be a great asset. Quick has been very helpful in my experience before I was elected on the network. He is an active member of Harmoforce, helping the election of new validators.
Nice to see your app!


Glad to see your candidacy!!!


What a lineup we have for this elections ;). You know that you rock, thanks for applying.


Thanks for running my friend. This is what the Vdao needs.


Thank you guys for your support.

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I wish I got so much support when I’m the “QuickOne”. All I get is complaints from the wife.

Jokes aside, great to see you participate my friend!


:joy:, I was expecting that joke sooner or latter