Validator DAO Council candidate: Harmony Universe

Hey harmony fam,

Harmony Universe here, announcing my candidacy for the ValidatorDAO council member.

I have been with the community since around March and have continued to build a relationship with many of the great community members and the team. My goal has always been the same from day 0: create something that will benefit the community and also provide them opportunities to participate and belong to something bigger for everyone involved. That led us to the creation of, which is in its infancy at the moment, evolving by day to the ultimate vision we have in mind.

That being said, I also recently setup a validator to further contribute to the decentralization of our beloved blockchain and support it in another way I could. With that, I now understand the needs deeper and in a more involved way.

Obviously, supporting the decentralization is the main goal for Harmony and by contributing to the validator community and growing it organically, we will help Harmony reach its goal and have it run by the community.

I work as a Regional IT Leader for North America in a global company and my main goal is to understand what our colleagues need and how we can make them more productive while also enjoying what they are doing. Along the same lines, I think the main focus areas for me would be Onboarding new validators, educating them of the capabilities, create growth opportunities and increase election rate by working with the validator community and the council members to have an all inclusive environment where every validator truly feels they belong and contribute.

Cheers and godspeed.
Let’s keep growing. :fist_right::fist_left::blue_heart:


Nice to see your application!

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Great to see another Harmony builder + validator throwing in their hat. Good luck!


Great to see your candidacy. Good luck