Validator DAO Council Candidate: The Stable Europe Validator

Hello Harmony familiy:

I would like to present my candidacy with a simple goal that I have been carrying on for many years: to help.

Being a Validator today has allowed me to go through all the steps and put myself in a position to help those who are currently landing to be new validators.
I have a family, which has taught me that, as a parent, the greatest reward a person receives is help. It is more rewarding to give than to receive and Harmony has the most important value in its community.
I have been in front of a computer since I was 8 years old and let’s say that I have already passed 40. I have installed countless operating systems that already do not exist, security systems, and a long and so on, that I do not want to bore you.
Proactive security is my number 1 rule when it comes to systems.

I continue to learn every day in a world where it goes much faster than us. Still, studying is part of my day to day.
Each person contributes and listening is another rule that I have learned over time.

Supporting decentralization is not easy for anyone, because it never rains to everyone’s liking, but blockchain democracy allows more people to participate in voting on any decision that has to be made to be fair.

My main objective, being or not being chosen in a DAO Validator, is and will be, to investigate and compare what best practices are being used in the Crypto world, from where we can learn a lot because many like us have already been thinking many solutions. After this research, contribute ideas, share them in the community and later implement them in an orderly manner.
With this research and the experience of having carried out many projects in the past, I would like to have the opportunity to give back to this community what it is giving me. Knowledge.

To-do tasks from my point of view in this role:

  • Help and remind people that voting is important and its role.
  • Explain and help each new member of the community who needs it to Staking
  • Explain each of the phases of creating a validator and simplify the installations as much as possible with new ideas in order to make it easier and easier and thus accelerate the growth of the Blockchain.
  • Encourage decentralization among validators.
  • Listen to the new needs of each member of the community with each onboarding, in order to convey those concerns and needs to the Harmony team.

Have a great day and peace. :blue_heart:


Great to see your candidacy. Good luck

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Thank you Maffaz. Either way, it’s a push to be more engaged with Harmony.

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nice to see you applying!

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Thank you Hank. Always being more close to Harmony :slight_smile: