Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Maffaz.One


I would like to nominate myself for the validator council.

I have been active in the harmony community for a while and have enjoyed serving on the initial Validator DAO council.

I hope to further the goals and aspirations of Harmony One by joining the DAO council for another term

During my time serving in this council I have achieved the following:

  1. Creating, debating and finalising the V-DAO Charter, Goals and Roles & Responsibilities with the other Governors. Pushing and achieving a charter for a fully decentralised DAO with the community driving the decisions. Encouraging and contacting validators to use their voting rights to enable new HIP proposals to be decided by the community.
  2. Created, manage and automate (where possible) all social media channels, servers & Github accounts. (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord - We take advantage of the thriving Reddit scene as well)
  3. Designed and distributed images, memes and other PR related information across all channels.
  4. Wrote bots to assist with posting, maintain the code and design it in a way so that non-programmers can manage if required.
  5. Wrote scripts that connect to Harmony RPC’s for data analysis and aggregation to provide the DAO with metrics more suited to our goals…
  6. I have assisted in coding tools for validators and scripts to help them get connected better and to display information on their websites via the API in JS, Python and PHP.
  7. Been active a lot behind the scenes assisting validators on all channels in all areas!
  8. Actively following up on community interests / issues and communicating / interacting with the core team.

What I want to achieve:

Further the DAO’s outreach to the wider crypto community with PR campaigns and bring new validators to Harmony One.

Assist existing Validators in all aspects of running a validator and facilitating Bootstrapping / promotion of those that require it.

Connect ALL social media together and streamline communications to the public, at the moment it is a mix of 30% auto / 70% manual. I want to consolidate and cover all bases from one ‘base’ and expand on contact lists to reach people more effectively.

Boost infrastructure on testnet, funded by the DAO so that new and old validators can have a play, test new features and assist in the progression of the harmony chain. In particular, I am interested in building / designing a monitoring and action structure to deal with the redundancy ‘switch’ which will be crucial for keeping nodes uptime high with the new resharding which does not allow duplicate keys on separate nodes.

Further develop website code these into tangible plugins for validators with less coding knowledge.

Create more data streams of specific validator based metrics and publish this as part of marketing and information campaigns to the validator community.

About me:

I am an experienced senior developer and systems administrator ,currently working as a lead consultant, guiding multiple teams to produce the highest quality software on a daily basis.

I believe that I can offer a level-headed approach to the future of harmony one and greatly assist in the analysis, solutioning and deployment of new requirements for validators and delegators

Decentralisation is the most important thing to me and anything that can further this goal I will work tirelessly to achieve.

I want everyone who wants to be a validator to have that opportunity.

I want every delegator to be able to stake even if that amount is deemed ‘to low’ right now.

I want Harmony one to change the world by by genuinely being the consensus for 10 billion and not excluding any human being from being a part of it.

I will never lose track of that sentiment and I want to be in a position to make sure it happens.

Onwards and Upwards, Onwards and Forwards.


@Maffaz you have my Vote. The Harmony community is what it is because of leaders like you. Appreciate everything you do.


Thanks dude. Appreciate it! :slight_smile:


I´m not sure if a “welcome back” is apropriate, since you never left, and probably will never for a while. Experience is the answer! Already has my vote :slight_smile:


Great working with you last term. Love the discussions and insight you provided. Best wishes on the next election!


Good to see you back at it again Maffaz! looking forward to another term with you bud! :crossed_fingers:


What a great asset you are on this talk.harmony where you helped out many getting back their ‘lost’ ones but also on telegram and other platforms. Always open to help out and share from ur great technical know-how.

You’ve got my vote, couldnt think of a better governor then yourself!


You have my support. Everything that you said in your post here, would have gotten my vote even if this was your first post on the forums hehe :+1: :blue_heart:

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