Validator DAO Council Candidate: ONE4All

Hi everyone,

My name is Johan, I am representing the ONE4All validator for this candidacy to the Validator DAO Council.

Here are the mandates and our visions and objectives for each of them :

  1. Decentralization : bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles
  • ONE4All is fully engaged in the decentralization of harmony protocol. It is our main objective because we strongly believe harmony, which is already doing great, could reach the next level by having more validators. We want harmony to succeed and to be a top blockchain in every categories.

  • The number of different validators is important to us for security reasons but also to involve more people into the protocol and to grow the community.

  • We worked on a proposal recently “HIP-12 – Vote Equality” that didn’t pass but you can measure our commitment and our work to decentralize the blockchain.

  • We will also provide advice to the new validators (marketing, technical, etc…). We are working on a website ( which contains different useful information such as an article about the election system (

  • We also believe that the current keys management is slowing down the decentralization. We want to have some thinking with the Validator DAO about that. You can read the comment we made below for further information on this subject.

2. Security: support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling

  • To achieve a high staking rate, we will promote the staking benefits across the community.

  • ONE4All is managed by a computing engineer with enough experience and knowledge to help the new validators to setup their validators and to secure them properly.

  • Behind the scene. alongside other validators, we are helping the new validators with technical issues.

  • We have the technical background to develop tooling if necessary to achieve our missions

3. Participation: facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements

  • The process of making proposals has to be improved.The vdao charter is a step in the right direction. We will ensure it is applied and see if any adjustements have to be made.

  • We will promote the participation for each vote. We also believe that the validators should not be able to miss too much votes without being penalized. We want to have a reflexion with the vdao on this subject.

Conclusion :

We want to define clear objectives for the VDAO in terms of decentralization, staking, voting participation, etc.

We want to define metrics to follow the progress and we want to communicate the results with transparency to the community.

We want to have some thinking with the Validator DAO about the keys management and the vote participation.

And more important we want the success of harmony protocol and everyone involved into it.

Thank you for your attention and your support!

ONE4All - tous pour one


Awesome to see you running.

You will make a great addition to the dao!


Sounds like a clear and wise plan! Hope to see you in the Council


The Validator DAO shouldn’t be a platform for pushing personal agendas. I would prefer to see the Validator DAO remain neutral on governance matters. Of course, each governor can vote how they so choose and propose proposals as individual validators, but we can’t let personal bias affect DAO governance. We need the Validator DAO to facilitate the validator governance proposal process, not influence it.


It’s not about pushing personal agendas or interests, ONE4All is currently safely elected, so what do I have to win personally?

I am just referring to the mandates :

  • Decentralization : bootstrap thousands of elected validators
  • 3. Participation: recruit votes for improvements

In my opinion, currently the keys management and the vote participation are 2 obstacles to achieve these mandates.

You could question the neutrality of the Vdao (or my neutrality), the day where we do something to aim only one particular validator instead of acting for the good of harmony protocol.

Regardless of any individual members’ (community or DAO) opinions or desires, any decision regarding change can ONLY come from the community, via a vote, after sufficient debate and a feasibility review from developers.

Let’s debate any indifference when a proposal is put forward. :slight_smile:


This! There’s a charter and a path for proposals. The DAO cannot take unilateral actions without consent from the community in the form of a governance vote.


Great to see you as candidate for the validator DAO!
One4all :wink:


I for one am glad to see your application! This is exciting!

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hope to work soon with you on the DAO :call_me_hand:t3: wish you all the best for the election :pray:t3:

It’s great to see your candidacy! I’ve seen you helping other validators. It’s clear that you have some interesting ideas. I like the idea of having a website with useful information for validators and delegators alike. However, I think it would be better to edit and improve the already existing documentation than doing it anew on a validator’s personal website.

I wish you the best of luck!