Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Crypt0Tech

Hello All.

My name is Andre, active officer from Brazilian Navy, enthusiast of crypto since 2014, actually running a validator since end July, (still at the 100 epochs grace period of election :slight_smile:). I´m not a developer or programmer or work in any way with IT. I have regular skills learned through trial and error. I have some experience running some other nodes from other coins as well. Trying to be a speaker for the HarmonyOne Brazilian community , as well as South America. And I would like to throw my candidacy to the community appreciation.


Well, since I joined the protocol as a validator, I really got engaged within the community and I don´t think I had gave back enough. I would like to help in a more direct way so ONE can reach it´s full potential. The protocol is not perfect, and by doing a fine tuning we can reach the true decentralization. ONE is like the crude oil, that when was discovered, boosted the progress around the globe.

It´s entirely upon us to make the right moves and point the right direction to where ONE belongs.

What to do If elected?

Well, with all your help, my goals to the Q1 of 2022 would be (but not limited to):

  • Promote a friendly education program, it´s vital that the most critical information regarding the protocol must be accessible to all users, even more to the new ones, in a quick, friendly and intuitive way. All users are critical to the success of the protocol.

  • Onboarding new validators, by troubleshooting , design tutorials if needed, schematics , answering questions and giving visibility when needed.

  • Work in unison with the other governors to bring to life projects that can make the difference among the validator community like the Bootstrap Initiative

  • Provide the means for the network to be further decentralized and secure, discussing hips, proposals and changes on the protocol, taking in account the possible drawbacks.

I´m at your disposal to help Harmony in reaching a whole new level!

For further questions I can be found at :

Twitter :
Reddit :
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @Crypt0T3ch
Discord : tekhnomaster#3091
Facebook : André Nascimento


Awesome to see your candidacy!


Sir yes sir! Great initiative - I’m with you bro!


Thanks for the support :blue_heart:


I hope I can succeed and bring to the table at least, 90% of the projects. :blue_heart:


Great to see your application! Best wishes on the election


Good to see your candidacy! Looking forward to it! :smile:


Congrats on your candidacy. Looking forward to it.

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Thanks a lot for the incentive!

Twitter Space AMA

Give those listening a brief overview of the VDAO mandates and what each one means for the network:

We have Decentralization, security and participation as mandates.

Decentralization is the core of the network, means it being run by the most validators as possible, security has to layers , first layer is the protocol security itself, and it´s linked to the decentralization, since one provides another, it´s a kind of synergy. The second layer of security is within the validator itself, keeping it safe and stable from outsaide attacks, providing 2fa and security solutions, as well as maintaining it stable for the network.

Participation is what we get in all corners of web, the protocol is meant to be run by the community and we listen it´s voice e all media, everywhere, their claims, questions , doubts and sugestions.

As a new candidate, please tell those listening, how do you feel you will contribute the most and, if elected, what are you looking forward to most in term 3?

Since I´m a new validator myself and struggle for almost 4 months to be elected and manage to do that due to helping communitites like Harmoforce and Or1on, I know how it´s to be down there for long, and we live in an ever change scenario, the scenario that the first validators encountered was quite different then the scenario that I and a few other validators encountered. I would like to educate the delegators so they will know on how to promote decentralization, so we won´t need to going towards core protocol changes;

What do DAO’s mean to you and why is participating in governance of the validator community important to you?

The VDAO is of utmost importancy, since the delegators have their voice heard through the validators, so the validators had their voice heard through the VDAO governors. The VDAO is an organism build for the community, and the community is the true meaning of the protocol, it´s build for them to use. Participating in the VDAO means a direct participation in the process, means step up and points flaws and congratulate good points as well. Try to change what need to be changed, and better, guide the community to participate and have their voice heard.