Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Validator.ONE

Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Validator.ONE
Validator.ONE is submitting our candidacy as a Validator DAO (VDAO) governor for Q1 2022. We will provide you with a brief overview of who we are, why we’re submitting our candidacy, and what we seek to accomplish as a VDAO governor.

Validator.ONE is an independent validator node on the Harmony network. We have been validating on the Harmony network since August 2019. As an early validator, we contributed to validating the blockchain’s first 3,375,000 blocks before the rollout of the current effective proof-of-stake (EPoS) model at block 3,375,104 in May 2020. At the implementation of EPoS, we created our validator node and participated as a delegator for seven months. In December 2020, we decided to rename our validator to Validator.ONE, created social media accounts and began reaching out to delegators. Our focus has always been on educating the community on why staking Harmony ONE is beneficial for the network and how to stake with independent validators. In January 2021, Validator.ONE became an elected Harmony validator, and we have dedicated ourselves towards being a responsible and trusted validator for our delegators and the network.

Validator.ONE is submitting its candidacy as a Validator.ONE governor to help facilitate discussion amongst Harmony validators and delegators while effectively communicating the VDAO’s role, responsibility, and efforts to the Harmony community. We also look forward to the opportunity to lend our experience as both an elected and unelected validator to new and aspiring validators through the Validator DAO bootstrap initiative program.

We are strong proponents of decentralization and blockchain technology. We adopt a forward-looking view and believe in the power of delegator choice. While we recognize the importance of sound governance, we do not intend to influence governance decision-making as a VDAO governor. We reserve the right to express our opinion as an individual validator but believe the VDAO as an entity should remain neutral and free from bias. However, we look forward to the opportunity to facilitate discussion amongst validators and delegators on governance matters. We feel strongly that the most sustainable way to decentralize the Harmony network is to grow the Harmony validator base by providing the tools and resources needed to become a successful validator.

Feel free to reach out anytime at the following links:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @validator_one
Harmony Forum: Profile - ValidatorONE - Harmony Community Forum
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Discord: Validator.ONE#3907


Great to see your candidacy bud! looking forward to your work and ideas! Had a goo time speaking with you on Twitter Spaces.


Great to see your application!

Best wishes with the election!


Great to see you running! Good luck dude.


Yet another great candidate that I will fully support and back! Thank you all for running and best of luck to you all! :blue_heart::facepunch:

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Answers to AMA Questions

1. Give those listening a brief overview of the VDAO mandates and what each one means for the network.

For me, the VDAO mandates – decentralization, security, and participation - are all about strengthening the core of the Harmony network, which begins with validators and delegators. The VDAOs role should not be to force the mandates upon any validator where the VDAO is in a position to govern the network but rather facilitate and encourage governance discussion, education, and participation. Decentralization is providing validators – elected and unelected – with the tools and resources needed to be a successful validator. Security is ensuring that validators understand the importance of securitizing their validator and the network while providing them with best practices to follow. Finally, participation encourages both validators and delegators to be active participants in the network, whether through governance or simply advocating traditional staking on the Harmony network as many delegators begin to explore Harmony network’s ever-expanding line of Defi products.

2. As a new candidate, please tell those listening how do you feel you will contribute the most and, if elected, what are you looking forward to most in term 3?

Providing validators with the tools and resources needed to be a successful validator. Also, I look forward to lending my experience as a validator to new validators through the bootstrap initiative program. Lastly, I feel my experience as a “larger” validator will help facilitate discussion amongst the validator community as I can offer a unique perspective as both a validator who went unelected for months and as a validator with a high stake count. This is crucial as the validator community tries to find common ground on proposals focused on decentralization and to understand validators’ needs in terms of resources and guidance as they grow.

3. What does DAO’s mean to you and why is participating in governance of the validator community important to you.

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization which means that we are not controlled by a central body and governors are responsible not for pushing their own personal agendas, but rather acting as a facilitator to achieve the mandates approved by the validator community while adhering to the VDAO charter. Governors must also be trusted with multi-signatory authority over the VDAO wallet.


Nice stuff, all the best!