Validator DAO Council Candidate: Slugom Crypto

Hey-o everyone!

I’m Patrick from Slugom Crypto and I am officially entering our nomination for a seat on the Initial Validator DAO Council.

I started to learn a lot about the Harmony community in January 2021 and had a blast from the start. The community goals aligned directly with our personal investing goals and we clicked with many validators and personalities immediately.

In early February we shifted from simply being an delegator who invested in new validators to jumping into the community feet first when we discovered we had the opportunity to run a validator ourselves.

Since then we’ve helped numerous people get into crypto and staking in general via our blogs (my first goal is to help others make UBI), produced a companion guide to the official harmony guide to provide further tips, tricks and troubleshooting skills to Node Operators and also assisted many new validators in getting setup while spreading all the awesome values the Harmony community shares.

We look forward to furthering our work in the community and assisting the DAO in the same spirit if we’re elected!


thank you for your contribution and helping to educate the community!


I nominate Patrick to be a part of the community DAO.


Love all the work you do to support the Harmony validators and community!


Patrick has been instrumental in helping teach new validators how to get setup and also providing great mentorship. Definitely a great fit.


Thanks for all the support so far, we’ll keep sharing content we’ve created so far with the tag #HarmonyValidatorDAO over the next few days on twitter, stay tuned.


Nice one Patrick. I can attest to the rather humble (and down to earth) self description in the post. Patrick has been an invaluable help in setting up and troubleshooting nodes for new validators. Great contributor in the Harmony community with his as ONE & Can Do attitude. All the best mate


Patrick at Slugom Crypto has been a positive and influential member of the community. The team’s consistent involvement and communication gives me the confidence to continue to support them going forward. Keep up the good work!


You have our vote! Thanks for all your help and support.

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