Validator DAO Council Q2 2022 Candidate: Crypt0Tech

Hello guys!

Decided to step up and throw my cap at the audience again. For those that don´t know me, my name is Andre, I´m an active officer from Brazilian Navy and run the Crypt0Tech Validator at Harmony protocol. Strong believe that Harmony has all what we need to being adopted globally. More can be found here and here

I was candidate at the previous term 3 that had an awesome lineup, got amazed for all what they´ve done. And for this elections I´m trully inspired by the candidates that applied, all of them are high qualified for the job, and I know that we would be in capable hands with any outcome from this elections.

Can´t express nothing less than gratitude for all previous VDAO governors that did an AMAZING work so far. We know how hard is to reach a goal and that the path could be hard and perilous. And for all that you all have my deepest respect.

About my candidacy, a few things had happened since January…good ones :slight_smile: . Gathered a bunch of crazy guys/girls like me that truly believe in Harmony and kickstarted the regional Brazil Dao. Have met some great guys related to Harmony at EthRio event here in Brazil, happened during March/22 at Rio de Janeiro, to name a few, @Jose_Ramon_Couto_Alb , @littlemoneyboss and @jbeltran. And was great to see them working and promoting local awareness targeted to Harmony. This just propelled me forward to try and make some difference, helping Harmony and giving something back to this great community that we have.

My goals if elected would be:

Decentralization, Security and Participation

Also known as Ouroboros


All 3 aspects are tied together in an unending circle.

Participation brings Decentralization , and it leads to Security

Education is the key. If we want to promote the decentralization that is needed, we need to start mass educating our users, encouraging then to participate in the discussions about the protocol and how to further improve it. One great mind thinking about a big problem is okay, two is good, but a million…is even better. In simply terms decentralization is directly tied to the number of validators and minimizing the risk of a takeover or the halt of the network. We can only achieve decentralization with a large number of validators, being backed up by the community. Again, Participation brings Decentralization and it leads to Security

Thanks for your help to achieve my dream to work in a more straight manner to make Harmony soar to the stars.

If you have any further questions, please reach me at my medias below.
Twitter :
Reddit :
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @Crypt0T3ch
Discord : tekhnomaster#3091
Facebook : André Nascimento


Great to see you running!

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This is good!! Looking forward to working with you Gods willing.

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Great to see you run again sir! Good luck

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Happy to see you around. Let’s vote!