Validator DAO Term 2 Election to fill up a spot Results and Multisig information

Dear Harmonauts & Validators

We address you today to share some exciting news and developments within the Validator DAO.

After @Abraham left the term we had to hold a special election to fill up the spot
Harmony Validator DAO - Abraham
Validator DAO Election to fill up a spot for the Q4 2021 Term

Snapshot Result

In addition to the existing term @RhythmValidator will join the Validator DAO for the time until the next elections for Term 3. We warmly welcome him and have already introduced him in our existing structure.

The currently remaining governors have adapted the multi-sig to the new governor.


Thank you for all the hard work and dedication @Abraham :grin:

Congratulations @RhythmValidator !! :relaxed:


Iā€™m honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with the VDAO council for the remainder of this term! Best of luck with your new endeavors, @Abraham!


Congratulation @RhythmValidator and wish you all the best @Abraham :partying_face: