Validator node setup on vultr assistance with creating fundingwallet

I followed the hamrony pages for VULTR to set up a node. I have completed all of the steps but the directions stop with setting up the node. It does not explain how to fund it.

Has anyone done this successfully that can guide me through, or is there a better tutorial than harmony’s website?

Thank you in advance

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I think your up to the point where you need to create a validator. Take a look at Validator Setup. If you need further assistance just reach out.

thank you for you assistance

I saw that but it does not tell me where to do this. Is it in putty, vultr, or somewhere else?


I have never used linux. I will deal with tat tomorrow. Thank you

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No problem at all. Thanks for joining up and as a validator you will have voting rights in Harmonys Improvement Proposals so make sure you stay informed and participate. Our validator community is awesome and only getting better.

I tried. It does not give a download link for linux. Tried their commands at c prompt and got nowhere. This tutorial needs some real help. Thank you again

I am at the stage to download the harmony cli but there is no link. It gives a command line but does not tell me where to use it. Thank you

curl -LO && mv hmycli hmy && chmod +x hmy

copy paste that into your linux terminal

I don’t have a linux terminal

I am on a windows PC

copy paste into command line then hit return

I pasted that into the c-prompt of windows and it came up not a valid command

‘mv’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Actually don’t use windows but I’ll make sure someone who does can help in the next day or two. We’ll get you up in running, no worries.

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ok Thank you for your time. I appreciate it

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To connect to your instance via ssh, go to step 2 here.

Then you can continue to node setup.

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I did all of that except vultr will not allow me to add the tcp 22. I fill it in but vultr changes it to ssh.

Port 22 is standard SSH port.

That is the port you will use to connect.

You already have it added so you should be able to connect via putty for example and setup the Node.