Validator Video How to Video (HELP!)


I bought into Harmony last year for like dust on pennies. Been staking it and want to build a validator. The content I have found (videos) are out dated and not understandable to me. I am requesting that the developers, validators, and whoever is really smart do a complete how to step by step guide so I can build a few. I usually don’t ask for help in these kind of things, but lately with all the stress my mind can’t comprehend how to do it correctly and understand it. I got the main parts but the internal part is hard to understand. Can someone from the community help me on this? I swear im not that stupid but I also don’t want to loose my money in creating a validator and messing it up.

Thank you

Our community is quite amazing. We have a validator dao that is taking care of all validators needs. I know they are actively helping guys like you getting started.

I suggest to search “validator dao” in the forum an connect with those guys directly on e.g. twitter. You will find help in no time. Good luck :wink:

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