Validator DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: HankTheCrank

Hey Fellow Validators!

Hank here, just cause it is easier for everyone to remember than Coinkin. For those that don’t know me, I am member of the HankTheCrank team. This is my candidacy for the Validator DAO.

I’d like to take the time to review the VDAO mandates and my comments about them.

1. Decentralization : bootstrap thousands of elected validators, grow diverse validator profiles

  • Many of the new validators, I helped with setting them up by providing step by step walk throughs with explanations of each step. My goal is to not only have new validators onboard but also have them understand the whole process of setting up a validator server. Even with Patrick :zap: EZ Node Validator 's new installer, I want to continue to help new and old validators with any questions they have about either process.
  • If a validator needs advice or has questions, I answer the question or find the answer. Many validators have asked me questions about how to build a community, how to setup a redundant server, how bidding works, etc.
  • I also advise new validators by sharing our experiences regarding what works and what doesn’t work from cloud services to marketing to building communities.

2. Security: support high staking rate, promote security practices and tooling

  • More can be done to improve the security of Harmony’s Validators. Many validators could benefit with assistance in setting up 2FA, SSH hardening and firewall protocols. Better validator security will help make Harmony even better.
  • My plan would be to provide the validators with guides on server setup and security implemention.

3. Participation: facilitate protocol upgrade proposals, recruit votes for improvements

  • I was already encouraging new unelected validators to vote. That was something that wasn’t very clear to me as a new validator that even though I was unelected, I could still vote.
  • My plan is to also be open and available for discussions regarding proposals and facilitate them as requested.
  • I attend twitter spaces both validator and community twitter space when I am able to.

Thank for reading. If you have any further questions or comments let me know. I look forward to being abled to work with the other council members in achieving the VDAO mandates. If not, I of course will help in any way I am able.

Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Also I want to thank my fellow servicing governors for their time and hard work: @MafiaWars @ChrisG_Stakeridoo @BrotherOne @Altocryptotitus @Symphony.One @ONE4All @RhythmValidator. It was an amazing learning experience and thanks for putting up with me!


Couldn’t have become a validator without Coinkin’s help. He’s never asked for anything in return and he’s always there to answer any questions I have.

His most recent server setup guide has helped many (myself included) move to a more economic service provider to power our validator nodes.

Love the guy, hope to meet him some day and buy him a beer.


Happy to see you back Hank! Great working with you! Looking forward to it! :smile:


Great! Would be a pleasure if I get the opportunity to learn even more from you :raised_hands:


:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: I’m In, come on lets go!


Great working with you this term and your work has been paramount to assisting many validators. An asset to decentralisation!


I absolutely love working together with Hank! I adore this human being. Always supportive, answering my calls for help in the middle of the night or on Christmas Eve. We need to protect this gem of a human being! Hank for DAO council!


Hank is the best at what she does. Glad to see her reapply. working with her has been great and fulfilling every step of the way. Wishing you the very best.

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AMA Questions and Answers

1. Give those listening a brief overview of the VDAO mandates and what each one means for the network.

The VDAO mandates are Decentralization, Security, and Participation. Decentralization is about supporting and advocating for the smaller and unelected validators. Security means providing tools and information so that validators secure their nodes. Participation is about not only getting validators involved but also delegators.

2. As a repeating candidate, please tell those listening, how do you feel you contributed the most and, if elected, what are you looking forward to most.

My availability to validators and the information I provide via the guides. I would like to continue writing guides and helping validators when they need it.

3. What does DAO’s mean to you and why is participating in governance of the validator community important to you.

A DAO means decentralized and following the charter regardless of personal feelings and opinions and participating is important in acting as a guide for the community.

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