Vibe Stream Network - Bringing the Music Industry to Harmony

Super excited to see how this project does in the long-term, very future-sighted ideas and a much needed port for such a large industry! Congrats on the first round of funding!

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Why did the progress reports stop?

Why did they get funded when they lack a prototype? Have they finished any of their milestones? I see they still lack the 8th and 9th members of their multi-sig (according to their last updates).

@GeorgeofEmmaInterest hey George we completed our first milestone in April and have had our documents submitted with a full multisig for some time.

We’ll shortly give another update displaying the expertise of the board. We’ve been working and meeting with harmony core members about various aspects of the project.

Thanks for your questions and support

Responded above and tagged you in our last update regarding the completed milestone. Our team is focused on building a project with many arms that will last and with current market conditions there is no reason to rush the product. We will be methodical about our approach but I concede to give more public updates so the community can keep up with progress.

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Okay. Sounds good. Much appreciated.

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