Videotutorials, guides, chats, etc. All in Spanish and on Youtube

Hello everyone, given the growth and future potential that Harmony has, me and SpanishDAO governors thinks that it would be very positive for the community to have a Spanish-speaking Youtube channel. I have more than 4 years of experience on this platform, and this can be proved with my accounts, the main one with more than 165.000 followers.
Actually, I’m studying on the possibility of creating a new channel which will be entirely dedicated to the HarmonyOne network. I think it is a perfectly attackable niche, where we could have significative growth in a very short time. In this way we could reach many more Spanish-Speaking Harmonauts, reaching growth on this wonderful network.

About the channel I would upload around 3 videos per week, but this may change depending on the amount of news and the interest of the community. If it’s necessary, I can upload a daily video for new projects or for those important dates. It remains to be seen on how the channel will evolve.

Mainly the content of the channel will be:

  • Basic Tutorials (always related to the Harmony network)

  • News within the HarmonyOne network

  • Tutorials for VideoGames

  • Gameplays

  • Amas, Chat with Spanish-speaking Devs

  • Talks with Spanish-speaking DAO

Obviously, all that content will be free and allowed to be shared on social networks. I would love to say that a Youtube channel without: Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and others, is NOT a Youtube channel.

By the moment I will not be able to make exclusive dedication to the channel but knowing that I will dedicate between 2 and 3 hours for each video, I ask for: 1000 ONE/week.
I leave here the link to my Youtube channels, the main have videos with more than 1M views:

Main channel:

Secondary channel:

Finally, I could recover my main channel with 165K followers and upload the vídeos there… we should talk about it.


Thank you all for reading and be strong Harmonauts!



Happy to see you here, @Revi! I replied on your other forum post, but can you update me on the status of your partnership with @SpanishDAO?