Vote to include a Harmony-core team member to cover Australia/Asia

Nearly every Harmony call focuses on the US/European timezone.

However, there’s dozens of big projects currently receiving massive VC funding/media attention and are from Australia and New Zealand. Does anyone realize how screwed up it is that it is 1 or 3 am their time to basically be at any meeting that is US/Europe focused. If the meeting is at 9 AM PST, that is super late for any Australian or New Zealander. And both countries have huge communities of devs building across crypto.

Additionally, take a look at the community forums. Do we see much activity for the Korean/Thai/Chinese community forums? Not much. Why? The meetings are ridiculously late at night. Also, none of the team members (except the Harmony founders) speak a language that covers this area. Kind of important – chains that getting a surge in dev activity seem to have two things in common… some kind of Asian/Oceania representative who can do community outreach, and also a rep. who can at least speak a few of the East Asian languages to do out reach there too.

On Terra Luna, for example, there was a disproportionately high number of Australian projects (Vertex Protocol comes to mind as one of them). None of them would be able to attend a single Harmony core team call during their work-hours. Would any of them come to Harmony if they had to be awake at 1 or 2 am to try to interact with the community? That would be a tough sell. In contrast, Terra at least had a huge outreach program (obviously they were a Singapore/South Korea based company) with Australia/New Zealand/Philippines/China/Japan/India because so many of their reps were located in these timezones. it was huge boon to development.



I have always advocated for diversity within the Harmony senior, middle, and lower level leadership.

This will be a huge boost to our valuation in the coming months as the protocol vision to build for 10 billion people cannot be actualised holistically without lending opportunity of participation and contribution to developers and builders from diverse backgrounds.

That said, I must commend @frwrdslosh and @giv for being up late at night sometimes to attend to virtually, regional DAO meetups and events. This can be expanded further by recruiting an MLL who can oversee not just Asia and Australia but also Africa.