Where are all the Aussies?

C’mon now, don’t be shy. Maybe we can get some funding and play the Harmony Times Square ad at some Westfield shopping malls hahaha


Here :raised_hand:, would be nice to see a harmony advert in a shopping centre, or an IG advert or print media. Harmony doesn’t have much presence compared to eth and btc imo.

Heya buddy. Definitely. I’m starting to see more bitcoin ATMs pop up in Westfield now too. I think adoption is still slow in AU. Hope Harmony can do more events here to take advantage

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that would be ideal, I don’t think we have the population for it though and the older generation just ain’t in to things that aren’t tangible to them.

It’s the younger generation we have to appeal to, but outside of defi projects, is there a real world use case? I’m not aware of anyone taking payments for $ones.

Absolutely. Play to Earn could be huge, and it does look like Harmony is filling that niche of being the go-to P2E chain.

alright. I guess it’s time to start Straya DAO

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i don’t know where they’re hiding but maybe you know how to recognise them?

what if we can start setting ground for #ONEAuDAO? - let us know if you’re likely and need help to begin this

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Definitely keen! I know a few Aussie delegators of mine but that’s about it. Im determined to see a harmony ad on a Sydney bus