Are we creating a Harmony Centre in Brazil, or what?

We got a huge space and hundreds of top notch developers. Who we need to talk to create a Harmony Centre in our area:



Hi @gribeiro, could you give more details about your idea? Some points to be more detailed:

  • What is the location in Brazil?
  • How many developers do you have?
  • How many companies and projects do you work today?
  • Can you give us more information about your infrastructure?

Hey Adonis! Thanks for your questions.

  1. Empresarial Novo Mundo, Paiva, Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brasil. We got 2,000m2
    Minhas duas lâminas no novo mundo - Google Drive

  2. We’re able to hire 150-200 developers in the short term.

  3. 5 different companies.

  4. Infra you can see in the pictures. Office furniture is coming too. Internet we got as much as we need.

What are the next steps?

My contacts:


hey @gribeiro can you share more on how the centre would work? i.e. the business plan of the centre?

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I can tell Pernambuco has great incentives from the Brazilian government regarding the tech sector. But besides having a place for devs, we need people to lead blockchain development in places like this.

I am dropping this post in the Brazilian Telegram community to see if someone closer to this place is willing to take the lead on any project to be built in the Harmony blockchain.

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As a brazillian I’m happy seeing this, I want to visit it if it gets created.

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Yes I like it, Latin America needs to get plugged :electric_plug: in, doing so with our vision for culture exponential growth :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Would be a good time to learn Portuguese :blush:

As someone who wants to visit brazil, I’ll be happy to see the site!

All the world should be in harmony, let’s bring Brazil and latin america in

Hello guys! IDK if this is the right place. But I would like to ask support from the brazillian community to support a small independent validator that is rising

Please spread the word. Thanks!

We’ll send the business plan after our meeting with Harmony’s team, because it’s critical that you guys show us why we should choose Harmony to do business with. When will your team set up a meeting with our team?

@gribeiro @Zweg.ONE @yelllowsin Hello guys, Would like to have some insight on a post Interested in joining Income program - #9 by CryptoTech .

As I see that we share some goals and proposals, maybe would be interesting to discuss it further and finaly bring to the table something like a DAO and discuss further expansion steps. It´s past the time for ONE to grow in Brazil and Latin America.

@CryptoTech would be very interested, you can DM me on telegram to further discussion @zweger

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