What is the hardware condition of constructing a node of Harmony?

I want to set up a harmony node on a new sever but I don’t know what hardware settings are requiring. Could anybody tell me? Thanks a lot !

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Awesome @Henry_Che! I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas and planning on running a validator on the testnet to get my feet wet before committing to something more robust and expensive for the mainnet.

There are some docs here if you haven’t already read through them Validator Harmony docs and the team at r/Harmoforce is an up a coming resource for new Validators.

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Thank you kenny, however, what I want to set up is an explorer node. Thank you for your great answer and sorry for the late reply. BTW, could you give me some idea on my following confusions? The document said the size for the shard 0 on mainnet is ~16Tb. But someone on the support forum suggest only 300GB for shard 0. So is it enough to take only 300GB for shard 0 when syncing the explorer nodes? What is the difference between these two sizes of storage? By the way, is it usable to follow those requirements indicated in the document referring to the attachment

? Thanks !

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Explorer Nodes hold a ton more data than is required to validate blocks securely. So the setup for an explorer node will be different than a validator node and requires extra resources. Haven’t looked that much into running them but I’ll see if there is any other info I can point you towards.

By now I believe an explorer node would be over 16TB, that info is a little outdated and shard 0 size for validators is approaching 1TB currently. The doc you attached refers to specs for a validator node not sure if there is one for explorer nodes posted.