Harmony Node - Hardware requirements

Hey, what kind of hardware do you guys suggest to build a node? Would be great to get a spec sheat or build sheat from you.

Hi, Max,

Thanks for the question. We haven’t finalized on the spec of the validator nodes yet.
As a general guidance in our current estimate, we are looking at the AWS m5d.xlarge instance type as a reference of the node machine.


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just to update, since our network had grown very fast, we need more storage than before. Nodes in shard0 require at least 300Gb disk storage, shard1/2/3 requires at least 350Gb disk storage right now. To avoid out of space issues, we recommended a 500Gb disk attached to the instance or use local disk storage.


Thanks for the update, @leo. :pray:

Hi Leo, the document said the size for the shard 0 on mainnet is ~16Tb. So is it enough to take only 300GB for shard 0 for syncing the nodes? What is the difference between these two sizes of storage? By the way, the requirements indicated in the document as follow are similar to the size you recommended, so is it usable to follow those requirements ? Thanks !
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