Womxn DAO: Harmony India

Name of DAO

Womxn DAO: Harmony India

Proposal overview

Our goal is to take women out of their comfort zone and introduce them to the world of Web3. In our team, more than 60% of staff are women. Crypto is going to be the future. Crypto is here to stay and we believe women should be really part of it. As we know, we cannot create a revolution while excluding half of the population. Web3 is the future. Every organization and platform is being decentralized.

Today, communities are needed in making all ages of women feel like they are not out of the loop, lost or that they don’t deserve to pursue a spot in this space. While initiatives to drive female participation in Web3 are notable, it’s important to point out that Web3 may be catering to a more diverse audience in general. Now is the opportunity to get into a revolutionary movement that will likely change the world ahead of the masses. We will together build a bright future for the builders of the world.

Our Aim:

Womxn DAO is a women centered project for all women out there including non-binary and transwomen. Our main aim is to normalize the blockchain and its products among the Indian womxn and introduce Harmony technology to the new Indian womxn users. Bring more Indian womxn users into Web3, NFTS and Defi.

  • Generate engagements with the Indian womxn community through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram group, and Reddit.

  • Create Instagram, Facebook reels, YouTube short videos, Reddit discussion for more engagement in the community.

  • Conduct virtual webinars, seminars and meetups

  • Conduct face to face (in-person) and virtual conferences of womxn community, Governors and Big players of community.

  • Participate in conference to promote Womxn DAO: Harmony India

  • Plan new partnerships to encourage and help new womxn users to join the community.

  • Online Workshops with Governors and Harmony to promote the ecosystem.

The Governors

Dr Yamini Goyal (Lead Governor)

Dr Yamini has been in the education and blockchain industry for the past 5 years. She is skilled in Communication, Research, and Marketing. Strong Research background and analytical thinking and has done Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biotechnology from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Tarun Bansal (Creative Tech)

Founder of Times Enterprises and RainNat. He has been in the Technological Industry for more than 4 years. He has exposure in the blockchain industry and smart contract deployment. Skilled in Negotiation, Communication, Marketing Research. Strong Entrepreneurship skills and his skills will be useful in Project management, marketing and community management.

Indu Gupta (Growth Hacker and Content Support)

Founder of Rain Tuitions and RainNat, she has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, project management, leadership, learning management and performance management. Her skills will be useful in sales, community management, project management and social media marketing.

Litisha Bagadia (Digital Marketer and Graphic Support)

She is a passionate writer, blogger, and storyteller. She is a climate action activist, and founded her own climate action and animal protection non-profit organization. With the fluency in her ideas and coherence in words, she has worked at some companies as a content writer, at a very young age. Her public speaking and effective communication skills will be useful in marketing and community management. She won the Times of India Student of the Year award in 2021 for academic excellence and was offered a huge scholarship.

Nikhil Goyal (Operational Manager)

Nikhil is an experienced Account Executive with experience in community management, team management, learning management, KPI management, leadership and business analysis. His skills will be useful in establishing accounting systems and adopting a high-spirited work culture.

Jyoti Pal (Operational Support)

Completed her bachelor’s degree in Arts from University of Delhi. Experienced in Community management and team management and her skills will help us in establishing a positive work culture.

Riya Sharma (Marketing Head)

She has experience in working on all social media channels and has also experience in business development and media relations. Her communication and management skills will be useful in PR, media and social media management.

Manisha Kumari (Business Development)

She completed her Bachelors of Commerce and has experience in managing the team and community. She has a degree in Finance and her communication skills and finance management will help us in managing finances and in project support.

Rahul Chaurasia (Operational Manager)

He has graduated in Civil Engineering and has been part of the Architectural Industry for more than 6 years. Experienced in project management, business management and his keen interest in crypto and blockchain industry will help us in development and management of projects.

Proposal ask

We are asking for $105,336 for 6 months of governance, marketing, onboarding, webinars, conferences, travel and staffing.

For Detailed overview of the use of funds, Please see: Womxn DAO Budget, Harmony India

Metrics for success

  • Sign Ups to online/virtual events (Webinars/ Workshops)

  • 2000 Active Members on Twitter

  • 6 Virtual/online events (1 event every month) with at least 50 attendees from womxn community

  • In person conference with at least 250 attendees

  • Mentions in Social Media Posts on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and mentions of Womxn DAO in Media Articles

  • Community Driven Incentives programs


6 months Milestones:

Milestone 1

  • 1000 followers on Twitter

  • 500 members on Telegram

  • 2 virtual events to promote Womxn DAO: Harmony India and to encourage participation

  • Managing Social Media accounts including Reddit, Facebook, instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and Discord

  • Start content Marketing

  • Governors and Moderators meeting

Milestone 2

  • 2000 followers on Twitter

  • 1000 members on Telegram group

  • 500 active members on Discord Channel

  • 2 virtual events

  • Community Driven Incentive Programs

  • Educate and support minimum 50 women for Blockchain community by starting developer program

  • 2k views on youTube

Milestone 3

  • 3000 followers on Twitter

  • 1500 members on Telegram group

  • 1000 active members on Discord Channel

  • 2 virtual events

  • 1 in person conference/event with at least 250 participants and with big players of Indian blockchain community

  • 4 K views on YouTube

  • Worked on Reddit posts, Upvotes on reddit

  • Educate and support minimum 100 women for Blockchain community by developer program

Fantastic cost effectiveness. Only 100k.


I have pretty much retired from commenting on posts here but even I gotta come out to note the tone-deafness here considering everything that has been going on lmao

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Hey Now! Please respect the beauty of proposal.

It requires 105, 336 USD * 80= 8.46288 million Indian rupees for six months of work by ~9 members to be released in a staggered manner, AFTER the bridge hack of 100 million USD & an indefinite pause on the grants program.

That’s a good enough budget to buy a premium sports hatchback car for every member for carrying out so much “difficult” work.

A “steal” offer IMHO. The core team should go for it. :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

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