Wonderland Game - Collaborative DeFi Game

Introducing Wonderland Game

We are super excited to bring Wonderland Game to Harmony!

Wonderland is a collaborative Defi game that takes players on a cross-chain adventure. The first chapter encourages the player community to work together while strategically competing with one another to explore Wonderland and find magical SHROOMs, which allows them to create and collect in-game items - boosting creativity and social interaction, all while bringing different ecosystems together.

The Wonderland ecosystem includes three types of Character NFTs, item NFTs, the economy driving SHROOM token, strategic exploration & player enhancement gameplay, an item shop, and the community marketplace. As Wonderland grows, we will add more experiences and in-game features to make this adventure even more interesting and compelling for our members.

The first chapter will be released on the Harmony Blockchain and will have Card, Queen, and Alice NFTs playing the game trying to accumulate the SHROOM token each with their own way of staking and earning.

There will be 3 characters that you can play as in Chapter One: Cards, Queen and Alice. Cards explore the Wonderland Forest and camp in different areas to find the magical power , aka Surge Area, that gives a higher amount of SHROOMs. Queens tax the Cards from how many SHROOMs they have accumulated in their sector. Alices steal from the Cards when they are on the way to the Queens.

Wonderland is a community first, Play-to-Earn ecosystem. The team works alongside the community to build the culture, community, and game. We believe this is the way to build a decentralized platform: by giving power to the community and by allowing worldbuilding, product development, governance, and the in-game economy to be driven by the community. This approach is much leaner and easier to improve on since the game is a Minimal Viable Game. Allowing the community members to trust, own, collectively operate, and build the ecosystems. The initial phase will be driven by the team and as the ecosystem grows, the community DAO will start driving the ecosystem. Ultimately, the community shapes the Wonderland Universe.

We are motivated to create a breakthrough NFT ecosystem where community members collaborate and help each other inside and outside the game, building the Wonderland culture, community, and universe together. It is our hope that the global Wonderland community spreads more empathy, care, and generosity all while having fun participating in Wonderland. Wonderland will be a key community in shaping the future of blockchain technology, interoperability, and compelling NFT use-cases.

The Wonderland team has years of experience building Defi applications. The development and leadership team has been in the ICON ecosystem since the early days and has built and are currently building core ICON applications, platforms, and infrastructures, including Harmony and ICON BTP projects. The team has also worked with the Harmony team in the past couple of years.

We plan to work with the community to build the best community first Play-to-Earn ecosystem from day one as we move towards a prosperous community-driven ecosystem.

Whitepaper and Links

We just released our whitepaper recently, so take a look at our character NFTs, SHROOM game mechanics, tokenomics, and motivation and values including our plans for DAO.

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.wonderland.game

Or check out the TL;DR of our Whitepaper Medium article:

Join us in this epic game of madness and SHROOMs. Have some tea, peruse our whitepaper and remember, we’re all Mad here.

Our Official Website: https://wonderland.game
Discord: Wonderland


Great vision for the game. Interesting


New promising project for Harmony


Collaborative Gaming with plans to go cross-chain. Looking forward to the success of the game. All the best.


Great art with well thought out tokenomics. Better get in as soon as it becomes available!


Not missing the opportunity to get in, while we’re still early! That’s for sure!


Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see the game


Can’t wait to play. Need $shrooms!

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I can’t wait for the game :slightly_smiling_face:


Lets Goooooo!!! April is nearly here!

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Do you guys plan on making a grant proposal?


Hi Flu,

Thanks for finding us here! We are looking forward to making a grant proposal as we come closer to the beta launch. We are going through other grants and games in the Funding Proposal Launches section. Really like how the talk forums have so many good information on Harmony!

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Great puzzle guys!!!

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Hello guys, any update regarding your grant proposal request ? Sorry I am new .

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Hey Grey! We just published our grant proposal :slight_smile:

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