Wooy: win once in a lifetime experiences for free

Name of Project


Proposal overview

We’re Wooy, the first web3 that allows users to participate for free to win incredible prizes while generating donations for causes that really matter.

We like to say that we are a Lossless Participation & Donation protocol. Yes, not only do you enter our unique competitions but you also get all your money back and generate donations. And it’s a very easy mechanism!

You simply stake your funds for a chance to win once in a lifetime experiences, meet your favorite celebrities, collect NFTs and even APY’s, and that’s it! Whenever you want, you can withdraw your initial funds or leave them to automatically participate for the next prize. The longer you stake your funds, the more interests you generate. This interest becomes donations to charitable causes, contributing to the achievement of the current sustainable development goals.

An example of an experience can be the one we created in our MVP campaign with the Red Cross and Javier Calamaro, a musician from Argentina, who is also an environmentalist and protector of the seas. Together, we decided to invite the winners to an exclusive concert on a cruise, in the middle of the sea, while doing whale watching. This event raised the attention from different sponsors, who saw this not only as an opportunity to help the charitable cause we were helping, but also to use the viralizable content to promote their brands, generating awareness and encouraging sustainability causes.

That’s why we like to say it’s a “Win-Win-Win”: where celebrities reach out to their followers in new, creative and emotional ways, fans have the possibility of living a once in a lifetime experience, while sponsors promote their products and, most importantly, everyone supports a charitable cause.

We have a no-brainer model based on three main pillars:

  • You can withdraw your funds whenever you want.
  • Your funds generate donations.
  • You can win extraordinary prizes.


We did an MVP in Argentina in partnership with the Red Cross. Where we worked with 8 important celebrities from Argentina, David Nalbandian (professional tennis player), Maru Botana (chef), Alejandro Lerner (musician), Bruno Zuculini, Pico Monaco, Attaque 77, Lirman and Zabaleta.

Our business model generates viral content organically and that’s how the MVP managed to raise more than 3 thousands of users in ~3 months without any marketing budget whatsoever. We also had great media coverage in important channels like newspapers and tv.

Benefits for Blockchain Ecosystem

We integrate different blockchain protocols and we serve as a bridge between fiat users and the blockchain ecosystem. We provide the “baby steps” most people need to start adopting and learning about crypto and blockchain through an easy and rewarding way.

  • We provide a purposeful use of NFTs as Proof of Donations (PoD), taking the first step towards transparency when donating.

  • We work with different companies that act as sponsors for each experience and part of our proposal is to introduce them to this ecosystem, giving companies the opportunity to take their first steps on blockchain and crypto. Being an excellent opportunity for partnerships.

  • We will work with different players from the ecosystem such as, DEFI platforms, future payment processors, NFT marketplaces, etc.

  • We will have a constant flow of experiences, giving the opportunity to work with many celebrities and attract the general public into joining the blockchain scene.

  • We have a unique equation where we connect celebrities, once in a lifetime experiences, sponsors and charitable causes. The ecosystem benefits from the positive image that this equation creates, showing a purposeful use of blockchain and crypto.

  • We can impact the use of the blockchain by incentivizing fiat users to use tokens to participate and generate donations.

  • We want to promote crypto literacy. Our platform promotes financial inclusion, where people learn to invest their money, debunking that the use of blockchain and crypto isn’t for everyone, while helping a great cause.

  • Finally our mission is to make an impact on the SDGs and add transparency in this process.

Go-to market

For our go-to market and user acquisition we believe that creating a solid community is essential. We are launching an NFT campaign in order to start creating this community and traction prior to the launch of Wooy. Our goal here is to create an engaged community and by giving the NFT holders different kinds of benefits inside the platform of Wooy create synergy between the platforms.

On the other hand, on Wooy we are working on the celebrities side, we previously worked with 9 celebrities in Argentina but for this launch we want to create a really big experience to create the momentum and be the first movers in this market.

Besides these steps, for user acquisition we have different options but the first is to leverage the celebrity’s engagement. By working with celebrities we target the fan base they already have on social networks and onboard them to Wooy. This user base are in general the most interested in having a once in a lifetime experience with their idol and we eliminate every friction in the participation decision by being a free model. This provides a cost-effective way to acquire users and have the opportunity to create a long term engagement with them, increasing in this way the LTV of the users.


We are two co-founders, Agustin Villalba Orúe and Joaquin Alvarez Vitale, two entrepreneurs from Buenos Aires.

We’ve known each other from elementary school, and became friends for almost 20 years now. Being born in Argentina, we became two curious and creative minds who are constantly searching for out of the box solutions. We believe that with the correct use of technology and an excellent team we can create modern solutions that solve modern problems. That’s how we started working as a team, we already co-founded other startups together, such as Almorzapp, a company that specializes in b2b food delivery service for all food needs within a company where we work with hundreds of gastronomic stores, companies and suppliers of all kinds. Almorzapp is still working and has a team of its own who runs it now.

Matías Battolla, our CMO, who specialized in User acquisition and Growth marketing in companies such as Google and Mercado Libre.

Demian Dabryk, our CTO, who previously founded a software factory specialized in high-impact blockchain products.

Kuki Munuce, designer and marketer for more than 15 years, selling products in different industries, with experience in 4 start-ups. He was the first employee of Elepants, a clothing company that set trends in Argentina.

Early validation

We created a solid network of mentors that help us in our decision making process. For example, Martin Iglesias who was the general manager of Perez Companc foundation, a very important NGO from Argentina. Bobby Aitkenhead who has a VC and helps us with strategic planning and investment and Joaquin Hernandez the ecosystem lead in C-Labs a blockchain company, between others.

We were invited to join Celo alliance for prosperity, we were awarded with the innovation on money award, won a Latam NFT hackathon with our PoDs and won the Udesa Blockchain startup competition in December 2021.

We are proud of these achievements and motivate us to continue in our innovation journey.

Current stage

The two co-founders have been working full time for the last year and the other team members are part time. We are currently finishing the MVP on blockchain in order to test the first concepts. During the following days we will be deploying the smart contracts to mainnet to allow the first users to try our platform. We are committed to helping current events in Ukraine. Pre-official launch, we are opening pools for users to stake and generate donations. Users can withdraw their funds freely and 100% of the interest generated is donated to the cause.

The first pool to be released will be in Ethereum but we plan on adding other chains to allow users to stake without having to swap their tokens and being able to hodl them in the long term with us.

We currently have a small team and we are looking to hire developers in the short term, so any help on that side is always appreciated. Additionally, we will start auditing our smart contracts so help there is always welcome.

Also, we have several contacts with celebrities and influencers to create experiences with, but any additional contact and introduction always helps, our main goal is to be able to create an experience for every “taste” and be a platform to make people’s dreams come true.

Lastly, we provide sponsors the opportunity to promote their products using our viral content generated in the experiences. They can subscribe to our pools and receive our benefits without spending their ESG or Marketing budget. Any possible sponsor or company contact who wants to improve their ESG or generate awareness is more than welcome.

###Future Stages and DAO

In our roadmap we want to introduce our community in the decision making process. In the first stage we plan to educate people in what we are doing and create a strong and engaged community. In a second stage we will allow users to vote on which NGOs they would like to donate and start testing the first steps of being a “DAO”. In the third stage, once the community is prepared we plan on becoming a DAO.

Proposal ask

Our next goal is to be able to hire and expand team members, specially developers and community lead. Also, to create smart contracts in Harmony’s and audit them before official launch.
For this we are asking for a $50.000 grant.

Metrics for success


  • Finish Journey Creatures NFT campaign to create our community.
  • Hire essential team members.
  • Sign the first 4 celebrities/influencers.
  • Develop smart contracts on other networks.
  • Audit smart contracts.
  • Launch Wooy.
  • Develop the first version of PoD.
  • Onboard fiat users on the benefits of crypto and our PoDs.


  • Reach at least 100M in TVL in the first year.
  • Launch at least 30 prizes in the first year and one of the experiences to do it with a celebrity in a Metaverse.
  • Get the first 5 sponsors.

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Unfortunately, your proposal is not ready for a Launch grant (this is not a bounty) based on the guidelines at Apply for Grants or DAO due to the following reasons:

Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs
$10K after launching on our mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

We hope you continue to build on this concept (esp. when you’re at 2.0) and circle back when it is ready to be discussed further. Thank you for choosing Harmony.