Yo Ayudo - The easiest way to help the world

Name of Project

Yo Ayudo - The easiest way to help the world.

Proposal overview

This DAPP’s main objective is to help the world by allowing our users to earn money and helping the world at the same time. We are developing the first “Help to Earn” DAPP

We already have a full product on the Google Play Store and a strong community. We are currently planning to ad blockchain features and NFTS to the app. We have been working for 1 year on the product, partners, and community. We have more than 5K users, we have very strong social media communication and strong alliances with local influencers, and organizations. We plan to reach at least 40K MAU In the 5 months.

Proposal ask

50K After reaching the 10K MAU.

Metrics for success

10K MAU 6 Months after first 6 months live in the ONE

External links

I know there will be so many questions about the project. I would like to solve them, but I have so many questions too. I hope some moderator could have a 1-1 conversation to give some structure to my proposal.
I have been developing apps for Google and Apple for so many years, this is a completely new challenge for us.

Hello @mariovepe and thanks for the proposal. Can you tell us more about the project, how it’s used, and walk us through the process of helping to earn? How many users have you on-boarded since this proposal was created? Are you on a blockchain currently and if so, which one or which chains?

How do you envision Yo Ayudo working on Harmony?

Thanks and looking forward to your response!

We currently have 1K MAU but will be starting some marketing strategies with influencers with more than 1 million followers. We are not yet in any chain, the business model and strategy user feedback was first tested without blockchain technology.

We needed to validate a lot of data before moving to a blockchain.
The user interacts by watching a video commercial of a brand. (Max 30 seconds)
The user gets paid the 30% of the value of the video. (If company X pays 1USD for show 1 ad, they will be earning .30 cents.
Another 30% is donated to a charity (NGO) and the rest is for the platform promotion, dynamics, and development.

Yo Ayudo , could be a DAPP in the harmony ecosystem.

Hi Mario. When does the user get paid out for watching the video and how is 30% of the commercial’s value scalable to a large number of people if 30% goes to one user? Do you mean 30% is allocated for all users and it’s divided evenly by everyone who watches?

If you can go more into detail about that, it would be great.

Do you have a demonstration video for those without supported phone model?