Tahoe Campground looking for Crypto Investors

Tahoe Calif has an unusual Campground with a Big Builiding suitable for a walk thru NFT Gallery. Looking for early investors or ETH, BTC or ONE, who have some capitol to invest in the launching of this project.
Currently the Building is paid for. The Power, Water and sewer are all up and running. All the walls need to be prepped for Digital NFT Frames. It is a working campground with Live loft. So digital nomads welcome to visit and swap computer expertise for Food, lodging and wall space for your NFT projects. Looking to form a co-op. Id say lets make a DAO but some how that DAO stuff got kicked around abit. I do not visit this site everyday. but perhaps more now that i have this posted. lets face it. if you bought too much ETH in 2015 your looking for a place to convert some crypto into physical property onwership and a place for people to see your NFT Collection. Online is very very cool. but what if Harmony Backed this Campground. this CryptoCampground Idea. No Rug Pulls. Solid Devs and NFT artists right here in Tahoe (very hip vacation local) and the NFT Gallery was open to the public. We could be first. We are offering Equity in the physical property inexchange for Sweat Equity and Real investor dollars. This becomes a Real World Asset. Its exactly the top of the line when it comes to building a crypto protfolio. Get off your stacks and LFG. Thanks for stopping in Harmony to the Moon. reach out to the CryptoHoboDojo@gmail.com.