ZK Survey : Anonymous Survey Application

Proposal Overview

ZK Survey is a decentralized survey platform that enables the users to create surveys and record users’ responses anonymously. Survey creators can create surveys in rich text format like Google Forms.

In coming milestones, a self-service user interface will allow users to create custom surveys, with multi component support in a single survey. Users can also choose to create non-anonymous surveys, and the option to invite users. Analytics will be provided out of the box for each survey.

Use Case

  • The DAOs can use ZKSurvey to take anonymous submissions on topics that a simple voting app does not suffice for. The product can also be used for timely administration and internal assessment of the organizations.
  • ZKSurvey can be used for feedback collection, data generation, and day to day DAO governance.
  • This can be further extended to create confidential surveys that DAOs can use for everyday governance. This line of thought can be explored further based on user interest and requirements.

Competitive Landscape

  • Currently, NinjaSurvey is a product available on Harmony with zk-based login and privacy. However, the platform has limited usability and does not support multiple survey formats to cater to different needs of the users.
  • BlockSurvey is a widely used product that maintains privacy with encryption. It is a confidential survey tool. This is not on Harmony.
  • There are multiple voting applications, but they are not sufficient to capture the use cases and features offered by a survey platform, e.g. in depth analytics, custom survey creation and rule engines, free form data, feedback collection etc.

Proposal Ask

In order to get this product working, we will be requesting the $15k/year stable basic income to take care of initial development, welfare and operations costs.

This ask will be in line with the laid down milestones as detailed below

  1. launching a feature-complete product on our testnet. [Done]

  2. forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with our DAOs.

  3. launching on our mainnet with an audit.

  4. attracting 1k daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)

  5. attracting 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Our public road map


| — | — | — |

|Testnet launch|April 23rd|Done|

|Beta Testing|May 3rd|Done|

|Mainnet Launch|May 9th|Done|

|Mainnet Launch post audit|July 31|Pending|

Possible features to be added:

  • Adding participants of a survey.
  • Access control.
  • Analytics.
  • Adding basic template(s) for adding custom surveys.

External links

ZkSurvey Mainnet Application
Source Code
Verifier Address

I am unable to register for an identity.

Thanks @socathie. Let me fix that and get back to you here.

Hi @socathie
I worked on fixing the issue. It was a misconfiguration. Updated the config.


Thank you, I was able to create an identity now, and created a survey, but don’t see it on the external survey page at all. Also, I have a few questions regarding the design:

  1. Survey audience: do all the surveys share the same audience?
  2. Seems like there is only one survey type with a single question right now?

I also seem to be getting an “invalid broadcast” error whenever I respond even though the transactions seem to go through.

I guess the bigger question here is, you listed NinjaSurvey and other apps as a competitor, but I don’t see your current version implementing any of the improvements that you claim in the proposal. I’m just not too sure if it will qualify for the grant at its current state.