Update Homepage w/purpose

On ramping crypto newbies (aka Grandmothers). The homepage should be purpose built. Bear markets are the best time to on-ramp new buyers. Right now the homepage is built to inform the crypto savvy. I believe we can do better. I propose we build the homepage to on-ramp newbies.

I’m proposing the homepage be designed/presented with these purposes prioritized in this order.

  1. Why Harmony? It’s the best and we back it with simple to understand facts. It’s fastest, securest, most advanced blockchain - period. Emphasize longevity of project (we will be here forever) and security (links to audits and references claiming Harmony is secure). It’s a sales pitch designed to convince the crypto newbie to buy Harmony. Provide links to newsletter and video for those that need more hopium or just a daily dose.

  2. How to buy Harmony? Graphs and easy to follow simple steps to buying Harmony. The best would be to buy Harmony from homepage using a credit card. The purchase would send the ONEs to an account with the option to automatically stake the ONE. Think of it as a purchase and stake now, learn about wallets and secret phrases later. Maybe a thirty day temp wallet OR MAYBE 1wallet comes online and makes the process even easier. The point is to capitalize on impulse buying/FOMO.

  3. Stake Harmony. This isn’t a universally understood concept. We need to educate and design a process that is so easy a grandmother can do it. ITS EASY MONEY. This should be a selling point.

  4. Use Harmony gameFi/DeFi. Whether we like it or not, if Harmony is a car, DeFi is the roads. What else can folks do with crypto except DeFi? The website needs to promote the best games/DeFi Harmony has to offer.

  5. Use Harmony for goods and services. The homepage needs to showcase all the Vendors that accept Harmony in exchange for goods and services.

The Harmony homepage is the face of Harmony. What is that face saying? What does that face want us to do? Harmony’s face should be saying I’m the safest, best blockchain. Look how easy it is to buy Harmony and use Harmony to earn money. Look how easy it is to use Harmony for goods and services. Let Harmony make your life better.

Just a recommendation inspired by burning countless hours explaining to people the same.

Reminder: On ramping is the biggest obstacle impacting crypto (Harmony) expansion.



I recently used the site to check how things are going and I agree with that the page needs to be updated to on ramp less tech and crypto savvy users. However I believe it will be difficult to onboard them without a clear purpose for what Harmony’s objective and long term goals are in the crypto space other then just being tech that can just be understood by the general public.

I am in agreement that dapps needs to be shown clearly but also needs to be made easily discoverable on the website as I almost couldn’t find it because it was on a button called “Showcases”(make it into “explore eco-system”) out of all places. There are currently many other block chain website examples that Harmony can take in order to strongly show case and discover gameFi/Defi projects being built on Harmony on the front page.

I also want to add that it would help to categories things for visitors to the site for example:
Developers Portal - Learn,developments, tools, bridges, zkp etc.
Web3 - dapps, wallets, staking, NFTs and daos etc.
Defi - exhanges, payments and dexs etc.
gamefi -play to earn and earn nfts

Hope that this would help to make things a little simpler as there are many things being worked but without an overall message it can dilute the overall purpose and mission for Harmony.

Completely agree that the homepage should be purpose built, especially during these times! I totally agree with the Gamefi part.

I will always say that Gamefi is one of the main roads