💙 A Brief Post-Offsite Update to the Community

A Brief Post Offsite Update

To our community:

Harmony’s three-day offsite meeting has ended, and we have a number of very specific initiatives and take-away items that we’ll be sharing, in detail, late next week. Until then, I would like to share that our immediate initiatives will be focused in three key areas:


  • Protocol Enhancements

  • Network Improvements

  • Hiring


  • Developer Support

  • Effective Launch Incentives

  • Partnerships

External Communications

  • Professional Marketing

  • Effective Communications

  • Hiring

One immediate take away items is to deliver, to everyone, a detailed list of our specific initiatives in approximately one week. In the meantime, I feel it’s important for you, our community, to know the team will be focusing on building, hiring, and marketing with a technology and ecosystem first approach.

We will strategically use these difficult conditions as an opportunity to shine brighter than ever, putting our new, exciting goals and our superior technology at the forefront of our communication.

Harmony is a battle-tested sharded blockchain with fast finality, low fees, a strong and passionate community, an expanding ecosystem, and a team of top-tier talent and dedication. Our new technical, ecosystem and marketing driven initiatives will bring Harmony to the next level and in a direction that focuses on fundamentals.

In the meantime, please be well and remember to take a break and breather when needed. To everyone, especially those affected by the Terra/Luna situation, your well-being is everything and we hope that you all find time and opportunity for self-care away from the charts and news.

We hope you find some enjoyment this weekend and look forward to sharing our exciting initiatives late next week.

The Harmony Team :blue_heart:


Make sure to check out our latest ONEWeekly video now published to our YouTube channel.


People are sleeping on this ANKR update! That is a really big deal for us! Also, shoutout to Cosmic Universe and Defira! Keep killing it.

If we continue to stay focused on building and listening to the community, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be able to become one of the top blockchains in 2022-2023. Marketing, solidifying good partnerships, and engineering the best tech upgrades are EXACTLY what we need.



Gud to see these new and positive changes for the H1 blockchain. The last couple of months i couldn’t identify anymore with the change of course H1 took with the DAO’s and stuff.

Glad to see Harmony getting back at its roots. Simplicity is the key!


Is refreshing to hear how the Harmony team, together with us would want the ecosystem to focus on. Looking forward to contributing towards this new journey! Enjoy your weekend, cheers!!!

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Thanks for this. Looking forward to further updates thanks for your continuous work


Thanks for the update, keep the good work .
Harmony one and for all

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Looking forward to any strategy developments!