All Hands November 8, 2021

All Hands November 8, 2021

Here are the notes from the Harmony All Hands meeting which took place on November 8th, 2021. We hope you enjoy!

General Announcements - Ganesha had his new baby, so please say congratulations and welcome to the newest Harmonauts!
We are also welcoming Daniel to the team, who will be focusing on the community side of Harmony. Welcome Daniel.

Jack - Ganesha will be improving the vault and getting other clients ready for public participation

Yuriy - BTC bridge is working on mainnet, fixing issues in real-time. We are planning to add one more vault. Currently working to deploy checklist. Working to make sure all quality is there and taking time needed to make sure the deployment is working perfectly.

Peter - Chainlink is live on testnet. Actively inviting protocols for the private mainnet launch where Chainlink will onboard them. Then we will have the public mainnet launch.

Leo - The bounty for Cross chain NFTs is already and finished just needs to be added to mainnet. This is being worked on this week and we will release a blog post about the launch and necessity of this area of focus.

RJ - Working with the research DAO. They wrote a comprehensive support on the design and security implications and what is the way to move forward. This will help us see how to move forward on our development.

Adrian - NFT NYC was great for meeting potential new partners and for ecosystem growth. The team made a huge appearance there and we had our Harmony commercial played on Times Square.


Youtube video upload?


Awesome, thank you so much for this update! Welcome Daniel and congratulations Ganesha! Harmonaut’s count just increased by one :grin:

Thanks PJ. I look forward to these