A Few Notes from the Harmony All Hands - August 2nd, 2021

Hello All -
I wanted to jot out a few notes from this morning’s All Hands meeting. This week, the meeting was a little more focused on the Engineering side of the shop. Enjoy!

  • Giv has been leading the developer programs these last few weeks to prepare for the upcoming $1M hackathon - hack.harmony.one. They are building out boilerplate code, documentation, tutorials and how-to videos to make on-boarding new devs as easy and seamless as possible.

  • RJ reported on a recent experiment regarding RPC/CPU usage. Large RPC query requests will cause CPU usage to spike. A fix is in the works and will be deployed soon. The solutions for the block latency from last week are currently in the review / testing stage.

  • Boris provided an update regarding our crosschain API. As imagined, this project presents challenges. Moving web3 objects and actions from the front-end to the back-end is a non-trivial task and work is proceeding.

  • Wolf gave an update regarding the sentiment of the community. In general, he mentioned that the community is very supportive and very excited about everything that has been happening lately. He does note a spike in sophisticated social-engineering hacks targeting users to disclose their seed phrases. (NOTE TO ALL: Do NOT reveal your seed phrase!) He also mentioned there is excitement around the upcoming hackathon with dozens of community members already signed up to participate and many very excited for what comes out of the event.

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also our team is publicly tracking our work.

i will also personally track though since i work full time, i won’t do hours, but just days and projects. i won’t name projects publicly until they are already announced.

date projects
08/02 call with a defi project, all hands meeting, biz team meeting, call with potential partner, working on getting more community responses to our aave proposal: ARC: Aave Market Launch on Harmony - Governance - Aave
08/03 call with a fiat partner
08/04 on-site with bay area team, meeting a new defi lending project to help them launch on harmony
08/05 sync with rosa on miami hack week

i dont know where to get help but here is my problem .
I sent harmony one from wallet to my crypto.com Defi wallet using the address that crypto.com Defi wallet provide only to find out it was sent to the wrong blockchain and told to reach out to Harmony one for help seeing they could help me ! they said it was not lost and it could be recoverd but i had to use a one wallet and recover phrase from crypto defi wallet to do so but i am lost , can any one help

Hey John,

Sorry to hear that this is happening to you! I think a good way to tackle this head on would be to join our Discord channel (http://harmony.one/discord) or Telegram channel (http://harmony.one/telegram) for community support. We have community administrators who can provide support for the issues that you’re having.

i have a metamask account with a one account i set up .
I am at the place to set up the private keys .
Is this where i enter the private keys from where i sent my one to or the private key of where i sent my one from ?