All Hands August 30th, 2021

Happy Monday to all Harmonauts! This week we focused on communication on technical issues and technical improvements. Here are the full notes:

  • RJ - There are 2 types of validator nodes. The storage that the validator nodes use is small, but the archival node, which is mostly used for apps/analytics, is taking up a lot of storage. Harmony has been working on reducing the amount of storage used up by the archival node.
    The recent bug on the Ethereum EVM code went unnoticed because not many people use this feature. The bug only affects one specific functionality. This will not break the chain! It only means that this feature is not working. For most developers this does not affect them. It is not a very malicious bug.
    The RPC issue is recognized and is working on being fixed.

  • Jack - Jack is revisiting the June problem and the reddit thread. We will be implementing tooling to better help resolve this issue and make sure we are more prepared. This is not FUD, it is very organized feedback by some developers.

  • Peter - “The community has confidence in the engineering team, but no confidence in our communication about these problems.” We need to proactively communicate to manage expectations. We need to stay on top of it and tell the community that we are aware of what is happening on our network. We are currently aware but are not communicating ahead of time.

27 teams that have submitted team names. 14 teams have completed a check-in. Reminder to teams that haven’t done a check-in. Priority is staying on top of these 27 teams.

Remember that registration for the hackathon is still open here.

  • Li - Harmony is attending events during the full month of September. Join us! Harmony Events:
  1. Web 3 Weeks (San Francisco) Now - Sep 11
    Join Harmony on September 9th at 6 pm PST for a Harmony meetup. Sign up for FREE here.

  2. MCON Denver September 14-18
    We are packing Denver full of events to meet Harmony.
    Sep. 14
    Sep. 15
    Sep. 16
    Sep. 17
    Sep. 18

  3. Messari (New York) September 19-22
    Join us for our meetup event on the 19th here.

  4. Wyoming Blockchain Stampede September 20-26

  5. ETH Lisbon October 18-24

If you are living in one of these places and want to help out or just rep Harmony, please let us know.


Great feedback! I will be looking forward the day you come to Amsterdam :slight_smile:

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