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Advertisement / promotional videos - Film Directors & Cinematographers

Proposal overview:
Hello everyone! I and a friend of mine are 2 filmmakers.
We’re passionate about crypto and blockchain; we embrace Harmony values in building bridges, and we’ve been using One wallet for almost a year now.
I am a film director, my main role during video production is the Cinematographer. In the last four years, I got the chance to direct different advertisements and music videos and to shoot 3 short films as a DoP.
I currently attend a Film & media bachelor’s degree in Scotland. I was born in Italy, and I currently live between the two countries. (Both of them had a strong influence on my career as an artist)
My colleague is a Film director and in most of the works I was involved in in Italy, we were together.
He studies scenography at the Academy of fine arts in Lecce, Italy. During the last years, he directed a short film and several music videos. In the last 2 years, he got experience in digital design, this involves the creation of 2d and 3d animations.
As stated above, our skillset is wide and when it comes to the proposal, we have different ideas in mind.
We could shoot video campaigns, live events in Europe, and promo materials. When it comes to video advertisement, there are many genres and possibilities (narrative ads, like short films – or more dynamic ads, like music videos, more frenetic and faster) (the choice would be based on your needs), our focus would be to stick with Harmony values in any case.
As stated before, our experience would allow us to shoot different kinds of advertisement content. I noticed that harmony Protocol does events mainly in the US, and I am pretty sure that you guys have a team for live streams and video production. If I am correct, you might need someone in Europe for events on this side of the globe.
Lastly, we might help with the creation of content for your online platforms, such as photo shoots, graphic elements, assets, and tutorial videos on how to get started with the Harmony protocol.
One of the best solutions for us as film directors would be the chance to realize short films that reflects Harmony values, as they are noble and inspiring.
Those are only examples and should be treated as so. We intend to reach out to the team and see if our roles might be helpful. We want to help the community grow and to give some help with our skills. We’re surely driven by the competitive salary, but we also have a strong desire to get involved in the development of the Harmony ecosystem as we truly believe in the project.
I am attaching different video contents created by us both individually and collectively.

The videos are categorised as follows:


Vertical spot for Social Media Manager (dir. By Gerry Ciccimarra)

Archistart IAHSummer2019 (dir. By Michele Masiello):

music video:

Styve G - Spaceman (Prod.Be-Twiin) - YouTube (dir. By Gerry Ciccimarra)

Maranta – ID (dir. By Michele Masiello):
To be released, ask in private for a link

Ali – Soyle & Sunken (dir by Michele Masiello & Gerry Ciccimarra):

live performances:

Dance Horizons 2021 Live Shows (dir by Michele Masiello):
To be released, ask in private for a link

Short films:
not public release, ask in private for permissions


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Thank you for the income proposal.
Pinging @adrianrobison

Hi there, do you have a website where I can see more work? Even a google drive link with a variety of works will do. Looking to see your full range. Thanks.

Hi Adrian, thanks for your reply.
Here is a google drive link with some of our recent works.


Hello there!
Do you have any news regarding our application?


Please just give links to YouTube. Your links you have sent do not work.

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Yes, I deleted the files last week because I needed some space in the cloud.

Here are some links

Music videos:
Portami Via - Dir by Michele Masiello

My Man - Co Directed by Michele Masiello

Ali - Directed by Michele Masiello & Gerry Ciccimarra

Roulette - Directed by Michele Masiello & Gerry Ciccimarra

Interviews and Commercials:

Private links for Unreleased projects: