"Love has no boundaries" - A serie of 5 short films for Harmony + 1 film for Harmony at the Paris Blockchain Week

Chosen track

Contributor // Hunter


The Concept

"Love has no boundaries”
Knowledge, Empathy, Brotherhood, Mutual Aid, Sharing

A short cinematographic serie composed by 5 films for Harmony : the goal is to highlight 5 fundamental values of Harmony and transcribing them into motion pictures through 5 striking, committed and aesthetic films.

Each film will be treated like a musical score: the writing will follow a precise and detailed narrative, centered on each value of Harmony we’d like to show.

Detailed scenarios will be written at the beginning of the mission.

Highlighting Harmony through the beauty of the story

Harmony is a fast-growing blockchain that stands out in the blockchain ecosystem for its core values: knowledge, mutual aid, sharing, brotherhood… and Love !

Harmony needs to grow its communication and I would be happy to contribute, first as an official member of the French Harmony DAO, and as a Harmony lover and holder.

An international connection

“Love has no boundaries” would be shot in 5 countries, with 5 different Harmony communities: this series of films is meant to be “worldwide”, the principal idea is to go beyond distances and to show the links between different communities: the Harmony community has no boundaries.

Harmony around the world

Engaging an international community is important in order to increase visibility and internet reputation: designing short, punchy, dynamic, cinematic, engaged and aesthetic video contents will allow Harmony to show its communication power and to assert its place as a fast-growing blockchain.

The idea of associating a community of Harmonauts per film will allow Harmony’s different international communities to identify with films we’ll create and at the same time to identify with the 5 Harmony values.

Schedule and dates : preparation - shooting - post-production

Paris Blockchain Week

12/04 - 14/04 : Video reporting of the PBW event
15/04 - 16/04 : Post-production the official PBW Harmony’s video

“Love has no boundaries”

18/04 - 22/04 : conceptualization and script writing
25/04 - 27/05 : Shooting of the 5 films (+ fly travels)
30/05 - 10/06 : Films post-production


On this project, I’ll be in charge of the entire production and post-production chain: directing, filmmaking, video editing, color grading and sound editing.

My 8 years of experience in the video industry (directing / storytelling / filmmaking / editing), my expertise in advertising and the fashion / luxury world will allow me to create striking films that will serve as a standard to promote Harmony on the international scene.

You can find a more detailed description of my profile on another Talk publication where I presented my background and skills for video production: Film Director - Filmmaker - Video Editor // Advertising & Events

Proposal ask

6 weeks of work = 6 films
“Love has no boundaries”
1 film each week = script writing + shooting + post-production

Working time for each video :

  • Script writing = 1 day
  • Shooting = 2 days
  • Filmmaking & Directing = 2 days (including gear location and comedian’s fees)
  • Post-production = 2 days

Rates :

  • 1 film (all inclusive) :
    → 500$ script writing / 3,000$ 2 days shooting / 1,500$ 2 days post-production = 5,000$
  • 5 films : 25,000$
    → Excluding plane tickets: request to be covered by Harmony.

Paris Blockchain Week
1 video reporting during the PWB event (12 to 14 April)

Working time :

  • 2 days for shooting during the PWB event (including gear location)
  • 2 days for post-production

Rates :

  • 1 film (all inclusive) : 2,000$ (2 days for shooting) + 1,500$ (2 days for post-production) = 3,500$



Daily rate :

  • Script writing : 500$/day
  • Shooting : 1500$/day
    (500$ for the filmmaker + 500$ gear location + 100$ for comedian’s fees (TBD as needed)
  • Post-production : 750$/day

Alternative option : 5 films of “Love has no boundaries” will set in Paris.

External links

You can see all details about my work on my previous post on Talk :Film Director - Filmmaker - Video Editor // Advertising & Events
@adrianrobison @lij


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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I haven’t got any news about my application, is it still in pending?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly I think your past videos are good and would love to work with you somehow but we couldn’t get this PBW proposal finalized in time so perhaps you refocus on a different event? Also would need to know more about what each video you are making is.

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Adrian, thank you for your answer!
It’d would be great to work with Harmony on other future events, and we would definitely have an appointment together to discuss and think about my ideas for the video serie “Love has no boundaries”.