All Hands 8/16/2021

Here is an overview of the Harmony All Hands on 8/16/2021. Our main focus is on the $1 Million Hackathon that begins today. Here are the notes:

  • The Hackathon is LIVE for registration here.

  • Li - This hackathon is a way that we are specifically hunting for developers. EveryONE on the Harmony team is the from-facing point man for this hackathon, we want to create a human touch to the community and new-comers.

  • Sahil - Harmony needs to be hands on for the community. Harmony will be hands on for the team formation to help guide people to the right teams. We need to create an open environment for devs to mingle together and link up on teams.The team needs to reach out to current devs and new devs to see how we can help and what more they need to make their ideas come to life.
    The teams will have 3 check-ins during the 6 weeks on to update the community on what they’re working on and the progress on their projects.
    Harmony is going to change the mentality of sitting on the sidelines during hackathons and letting people do whatever they want with little to no help. We need to get involved and make hackathons the best that they can be!

  • Giv - This Hackathon will bring in non-technical people with the vision but without the technical skills and technical people with skills. We need to facilitate team formation and helping showcase the entirety of developers. Harmony will help to provide tools for recruitment and team formation.Nurture this new wave of developers. They are brand new; they may know about Harmony or may not. Let’s help them WIN BIG and hopefully they stay with our amazing community. Giv created the Hackathon Hangout to just hangout and add a personal touch.
    We are utilizing the Dev Captains by exploring scalability options.

  • Peter - Open ceremonies went great and the hackathon has officially begun! Let’s help welcome developers and help them to be successful. We want them to make money and make a living off of their creations. Harmony is an enabler for these developers.
    We will keep registration open throughout the 6 weeks, so it’s never too late to join!
    Panels will bring in a new spectator group that aren’t wanting to make anything. There are 457 minutes of hackathon videos already for helpful content and that will only increase. We will be helpful to those new to DeFi, blockchain or want to hear from those that are crypto famous/influential.
    Peter is going to set up “office hours“ to stay in touch with the developers and help in any way possible.
    Remember that every Thursday we have the developer call at 9 am PST, everyONE is invited.