Agenda for Developer Calls

Hi Harmony developers!

We are very excited to talk with many of you. Here is the agenda for the developer community call for June 3, 2021.

  1. Welcome
  2. Meet the Harmony core dev team.
  3. Harmony mainnet updates: over 5 million transactions!
  4. Purpose of the Developer Call(s)
  • We are actively looking to build a community led team of developer captains who will be growing our developer community, brining developer feedback and reviewing our technical documentation.
  • This group of dev captains will help other developers launch apps on harmony.
  • Find high priority issues either to resolve or to create bounties for.
  • Actively respond and engage developers in this forum, on reddit/telegram/discord and host weekly community developer calls.
  1. Outcomes from the initial call: we will use (this forum) to gather introductions of developers and collect technical feedback.
  2. We are opening up to 10 spots for active community dev captains to drive harmony developer community growth externally.
  3. We will share our goals for june, including improving all technical documentation, launching open and community written bounties, and driving incentives for community development (rewards for writing bounties and being most active on this forum and our developer reddit:

Action item 1: post an introduction about yourself in this thread: Thread: Developer Introductions

Action item 2: post technical feedback on documentation and tooling in this thread: Thread: Technical Feedback

We’ll be posting more information around recruiting the external developer captains and laying the groundwork for a developer dao in the coming weeks.

I’m not quite ready to try at being a dev captain, but I will be here often and contribute as much as possible. :smile_cat:

PS. I’ll spin up an intro soon too!

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sounds great. we believe in YOU!

First Dev call, Call notes: Overview

(Goal/purpose of call)

  • Meet with us(devs) on a regular basis
  • “Why” we want to continue to do this meeting weekly

“Harmony core team sees the dev communities as similar to rust or linux;
robust enough to succeed with decentralized developers. “

-Open up Harmony’s roadmap to dev
-Eventually have everything open with developer dao
-Have more transparency on Harmony core team projects and timelines.

Purpose - Weekly Developer Call

-Get weekly feedback
-Share Responsibility
-Find burning issues
-How to improve protocol
-Improve experience.

“How do we get there?”

  1. Weekly call
  2. Dev captains being bridge between main team and dev community
  3. Actively participating in open forum forum -
    (less TG and Discord)
  4. End goal - Full Dao

Want to reiterate use of Reddit Dev forum and talk.Harmony to build developer interactivity and collaborate with one another.

Final notes & Call to action:

Get to know devs everyone more.
Using tools above to receive honest/critical feedback.

Hard feedback, pain points, how can we fix it.
Continue to develop together.(edited)

thanks globey!

here it the video from the first call as well: Harmony Developer Community Call: June 3, 2021 - YouTube



Here’s our agenda for the developer community call on June 10, 2021:

  1. Reminder to apply for Developer Captains (google form:, and introduce yourself on forum (Thread: Developer Introductions). In the next community call on June 17, 2021, we’ll introduce the Dev Captains (Li)

  2. Get to know your issues: gather main issues developers are facing while building on Harmony. Specific errors/examples (Sahil)

  3. Submit your bounties (Ganesha)

  4. Documentation Overview (Ganesha)

  5. What kind of apps we’d like to see on Harmony (Sahil)

  6. Upcoming hackathon (Li)