All Hands November 29, 2021

All Hands November 29, 2021

Here are the notes from our team All Hands meeting today on November 29th. If you want to view the entire meeting, look out for the upload on Youtube within the next 24 hours.

Li - DAY ONE event on December 8th. Invite everyONE you know to join in on this event. Already over 200 registrants. This will be our official end of the year event. The venue is huge so the more the merrier, all are welcome!
Any school can participate in this upcoming hackathon during the winter break. The top team can win a $10,000 prize.
Demo Day is January 23rd. That week will get turned into the Silicone Valley Web3 Week. Saturday of that week, we will hold a Saturday TGI. We rented a house in Palo Alto to wrap up the entire week. Most technical conference and we need to be recruiting developers and anyone interested in the technical side there.

Sam - Sam, Jack and RJ are in Miami for the DCentral Miami conference, so please come find the Harmony team in the Blue Harmony Shirts! Make sure if you are going to DCentral Miami you join the Harmony Miami Telegram Chat. Harmony is going big in Miami. A huge booth with community projects and the Harmony team.

  • Tonight is a happy hour
  • Tomorrow is a party/dinner
  • Thursday is a brunch where people can come in and ask about grants and talk more about launching on Harmony

Daniel - Ambassador Program - A DAO that is becoming a task force to organize meetups and other things to get the community involved. Stay tuned for more information on the Ambassador program and way you can get involved.

Yuriy - added mobile support for the UI for the BTC bridge. Fixed a few different cases. Working on supporting tx from different exchanges. Getting things ready to launch within the next week.

You can view the entire All Hands meeting on youtube (will be uploaded today).


Fantastic! Thank you so much for providing the summary for All Hands meetings. Look forward to the youtube upload.

Nice won’t make it for tonight’s event but will see you all tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

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