All Hands November 22, 2021

All Hands November 22, 2021

Here are the notes from our All Hands meeting today. We go over RPC improvements, bridges, events and more in this All Hands. Please read the following notes for more information and you can view the recording on youtube when it finishes uploading.

The wave is coming in crypto. We are still so early in this, but it is coming fast. There are so many people that are joining but only a small percentage is working on web3 even though they want to. Big things are happening in blockchain/crypto and Harmony is at the forefront.

Continuous improvements are being made. We are increasing our imprint of our infrastructure. Not being in 1 region of the World, but 4 regions! Nov. 15 we flipped the switch, we eclipsed a 1 billion RPC call. Over 1 billion transactions, so there is a lot of potential. RPC call level needs to continuously be improved. As a result, any bugs or slowness have smaller impact now.

1 second finality - the last major piece is already implemented. Now the leader will only wait for 2/3 of the signatures and the rest will be put in the next block. This feature is code complete, more testing needs to be done. Stay tuned for more updates.

He will be reaching out to everyone on the Core Team to help with writing his retrospective on creating the DAOs. This will include our experiences and how we can improve.
Miami - A huge event in Miami this next week. We have a 20’ by 20’ booth in Miami. 3 main projects that will be on our booth as well as a launch table for those that are launching or have launched on Harmony. This is a way to show off the ecosystem at this large event. We will be throwing side events as well to get everyONE included. The largest art convention in the world is happening at the same time as this event.

BTC Bridge - Last week found an upgrade. Today we will continue testing on mainnet. Awaiting Chainlink for a few of the next steps. On the front end side, we started working on the mobile version. Should be finished in 2-3 days.

We should begin a daily standup for product launches so we are all aware and on the same page.

Trustless Ethereum bridge - Contracts are on testnet right now. Working on UI. Reworking parts of BTC bridge to save time. Actual launch date will be the end of December as of right now.

NFT Bridge - NFT bridge deployed smart contracts on mainnet. Found some issues and so next is to do final test on mainnet to make sure all is perfect.


Wouldn’t it be beneficial from a lessons learned perspective to reach out to the original governors who stood up each DAO and solicit their feedback as well?