All Hands January 31st, 2022

Another great All Hands meeting in the books held on January 31st, 2022. Here are the notes from this All Hands Meeting and you can keep an eye out for the full video on our Harmony YouTube Channel.


Ganesha - BTC Bridge - Vault program and training was held last week. Most have been onboarded. A few updates need to be done this week to get us ready for the launch next week. Yes you heard that right…NEXT WEEK is the official launch date!

Daniel - We now have a Harmony discord specifically for vault runners. Check it out on the Harmony discord to stay updated and be in the community.

RJ - Rolling out the new binary today so the node runners can update theirs before February 11th.

Leo - Beacon chain and Metamask staking will go live on the next update. So you can start using this during the next update.
Working on the RPC optimization. The direction looks very promising right now. We will continue to work and make additional progress on this.

Boris - Fixed income - We are finishing the UI. Our estimated launch date will be next week. This will be a stand alone launch at first not with 1Wallet yet.


Jack - There is some RPC stability work that has been going on through the week. We have 8 centers now. We are involving the community more with node operators, community involvement will help with scalability and problem solving.

Daniel - Ambassador DAO is making progress on the event side. A lot of events coming up where they will have presence all over the world, mainly in the U.S. at first. Identifying venues to hold these events and looking to sponsor events as well. Looking to hold meetups in many locations within the next 30 days.

Matt - Concluded our University Hackathon that ran from December until last week. We will be celebrating accomplishments and projects on our Harmony twitter this week.

Sam - Last week he published guidelines for DAO Funding. Being a governor is not a full time or part time job, you should want to be a governor to get involved in any way. We will be looking to gain community support on this DAO which will take place in the form of a poll or post on This is forthcoming.
ETH Denver - By the end of this week everyone that will be helping with the Harmony events should receive an overview of what events are happening where and where you will be needed. If you have any questions, this week is the time to ask them. Reach out to the events team to get your questions answered. When you arrive in Denver it should be all about achieving Project X and getting involved in the community and having amazing conversations building this space.

Peter - The Chainlink Hackathon has been concluded and the winners will be announced soon.

Please welcome the newest members in the Harmony Team: Devin and Danny. Devin is part of the DevOps team and will be heavily involved in DAO tooling. Danny is going to be handling video as well as events and content.