Armoonia - Decentralized Marketplace for Generative NFT Collections on Harmony

Armoonia - Decentralized Marketplace for Generative NFT Collections on Harmony

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NFTs. There is no denying that the demand for digital collectibles has started skyrocketing recently… and for good reason! More and more people are becoming interested in the world of blockchain and art. Now, Harmony is a fantastic blockchain for NFTs, as you don’t have to worry about atrocious gas fees and slow finality times. This is where Armoonia comes into play.

Armoonia is a generative NFT marketplace… But what separates us from others? Well, we will be focusing primarily on providing a marketplace platform for generative NFT collections. Focusing on a singular niche in this huge market allows us to really cater the Armoonia marketplace towards generative NFTs. This also helps establish credibility and prevent fraudulent contract addresses from being used.

As shown in the mockup image above, the marketplace UI will be seamless and easy to use. We aim to provide both creators and collectors with the go-to platform for generative NFTs on Harmony. There will be a fixed 2% fees on all secondary sales that go to the team, and creators can choose between a 0-5% fee from their project’s secondary sales. Marketplace features include placing bids, featured collections and more.

We are the team behind Harmoonies - 10,000 unique generative NFTs on Harmony. These cute NFTs will be at the forefront of our brand. We are proud to have raised over $30,000 for charity so far, and are continuing to push out new features!

Proposal ask


Metrics for success

Week 1: Contract testnet

Week 2: Frontend completely finished

Week 3: Contract mainnet

Week 4: Five supported collections

Week 4.5: Rarity calculator

Week 5: Ten supported collections

Week 6 >: 10K DAU

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Hello Harmoonies team. Thank you for the proposal. We are, of course, aware and your great work. This marketplace sounds like a natural evolution to what you’ve built so far.

You’re approved for the $50k “Launches” track:

  • $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
  • $10K after mainnet launch
  • $10K after forming a DAO with its community
  • $20K for after 10K users.



Hi guys! Thank you for the approval! :raised_hands::blush:
We‘ve created a multisig wallet.
That‘s the address:

Hi there. Any news about the project? Are you following the roadmap.
Can you share some advance or where is the project at, please?

Thank you

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Hi Harmony Team! Thank you for checking on us.

We are working to set up Armoonia which is an NFT marketplace for the community. Owners of Fat Owls will get discounts on purchases (up to 1% off) and owners of Harmoonies will get 1% of marketplace sales reflected back to them. It is truly a marketplace for the community as the community will be part owners in its success.

We currently have the following contracts out on testnet:

marketplace: 0x6145D9dA7692dDF314B67FA55c380fb1ac6Bd760
harmoonieRegistry: 0x1D68620Ed31955B8f1b00b4b0d7af344EF9D48f3
fatOwls: 0x7188758Fe16F9151F2F3A4Ef595D3F5a26965f38
harmoonies: 0x542d60e85233007b160571310e768c170d3bece8

We’ve done buys and sells against these contracts and we’ve also written test scripts and tested the contracts using the Hardhat development tool and currently have no issues or errors with them.We will do additional testing on the contracts before launching on mainnet.

We’ve launched a graph node on AWS and have our Armoonia subgraphs running on it. We also have an API Gateway to crawl NFT contracts and then serve NFT images and JSONs on Armoonia which is also running on AWS. Additionally, we have DynamoDB on AWS tracking profile information for users of Armoonia.

We have the bulk of the front end complete already and also have it running on AWS. We just finished setting up a dev environment which allows us to make changes to the front end without having to redeploy the Graph node/Subgraphs and API Gateway after every change which will simplify front end development for us.

We are currently working on cleaning up web 2/front end connections to our smart contracts – things like wallet connect, buy/sell, auction/bids, collect reflection fees, etc. We have some further work to do on profile information and tracking, various filtering and sorting on the website, and stat display/tracking as well.

We hope to have Armoonia far enough along very soon to demonstrate for everyone for the testnet piece of our roadmap/grant proposal.

Thank you for reaching out again and for the trust the community has placed in us!

Armoonia Team

Thank you for your reply.
Please don’t hesitate to post the next steps and milestones here so we can jump into testnet tests. So we can proceed with the funds.
Keep going!!
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:

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