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Product Launch

Proposal overview

ValeriusDAO aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for creators, collectors, and builders to collaborate and learn about NFTs, with a focus on generative collections.

The initial stage will involve the launch of a generative NFT collection, which will entitle owners to entry to the DAO.

We will then launch the Valerius Marketplace which will allow direct sales and auction sales of any ERC-721 on the Harmony blockchain. This should include a feature to view and track users’ ERC-721s on Harmony, similar to the functionality in the current Harmony Explorer.

Future plans are to complete an API which will support builders to create further NFT services on Harmony. The aim of this is to provide a standardized system which will allow builders to easily integrate with the Valerius Marketplace, and also to support builders who wish to develop standalone products, by providing data and analytics of ERC-721s across Harmony.

There is a lot of innovation and upcoming NFT projects on Harmony which Valerius DAO’s services will hopefully be able to support with in the future.

For the DAO:
Once the DAO is established there will be regular educational events and challenges for those who wish to contribute. Frequent contribution will increase a DAO member’s ranking which will increase the perks of their membership.

Areas of interest for contribution are:

  • Data/analytics visualization
  • Fractional NFT ownership DApps
  • NFT Staking / Yield DApps
  • Educational resources for interacting with ERC-721s via Ethers.js
  • Education resources for creating generative ERC-721 collections

Current status / Future plans

The initial project has been live on Testnet for ~ 2 months, although this has not been advertised anywhere as of yet. The generative NFT collection is ready to launch on Mainnet immediately. Our aim would be to launch this on Mainnet in October 2021.

The primary focus over the past few weeks has been off-chain API work for the backend, and development of the marketplace. We expect to have this functional for the Mainnet by late November / early December 2021. This is also around the time we are aiming to open up membership to ValeriusDAO.

Q1 2022 plans will be to create a data/analytics visualization service primarily for ERC-721s on Valerius Marketplace. Further data/analytics visualization service for ERC-721s on external Harmony marketplaces is planned for Q2/Q3, although this will require a bit more work indexing data, and will likely be dependent on other marketplaces being willing to share their contract codes and metadata schemas. We would be looking for Harmony’s support with this.

Q2/Q3 2022 will focus more on the “utility” side of ERC-721s. There are currently no ERC-721s on Harmony that the price would justify fractional ownership, but perhaps by Q2/Q3 we will see increased price floors. Alternatively, if a cross-chain ERC-721 DApp is developed by that time, we should be able to build a fractional ownership DApp for bridged ERC-721s.

We are also interested in the recent innovations of staking NFTs and would like to develop such a service on Harmony in Q2/Q3 2022.

Funding will be required for various purposes:

  • To support with incentives for DAO members and contributors - this will be vital in ensuring we can attract members to the DAO and encourage active contribution.
  • Server costs - the indexing required for data/analytics will require multiple reliable servers & databases
  • 4 x Community Managers responsible for managing Discord/Telegram servers and supporting with social media engagement. Assuming a $500 per week rate this will be $2,000 monthly.
  • Recruiting additional developers - there are no imminent plans, but as the workload increases this will most likely be required. Currently I am the sole developer (full stack + solidity).

The $50,000 launch grant is what we will be applying for.

The hopes are that income from the generative NFTs, marketplace fees, and further ValeriusDAO income will then be able to support with additional costs for servers, development, etc.

Proposal ask


  • $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet - done. Due to the generative nature of the initial stage, I think it would be better suited rolled into the mainnet launch.
  • $10K after mainnet launch - October 2021
  • $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and - October/November 2021
  • $20K for after 10K users. - TBC.

Metrics for success

Month 1: 50% sales of the generative NFT project, and 500 members in Discord

Months 2-3: Launch of the marketplace and 500 entries to DAO membership.

Months 3-6: Launch of Valerius marketplace data/analytics services (i.e. price floor trackers, alert bots). 3000 entries to DAO membership, with at least 20 frequent contributors.

Months 6-9: Launch of data/analytics services for external Harmony marketplaces. Successful campaign with other Harmony NFT projects.

Months 9-12: 10,000+ members in Discord, with at least 250 active contributors. Launch of an open source API for ERC-721s on Harmony. “Utility” based ERC-721 services such as fractional ERC-721 ownership, and staking.

External links

Twitter - @ValeriusDAO - Currently the project is hosted on another domain and will be migrated once a mainnet launch date is decided.

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Hello @ValeriusDAO
This proposal looks amazing!
You did a great job on this proposal and I really look forward to seeing what you build.
A few pieces of information that I would like to see – can you point me to any existing pieces of the project that you are working on that I can review? I want to make sure I can verify some of what you have been talking about.

Thanks! I really like this project and can’t wait to see it launch.

Sam | Harmony | Ecosystem Growth

hello @ValeriusDAO
I wanted to circle back on this question - can you point me to some of the existing pieces of the project that you are working on so I can review?

It has been about 8 days and I want to move forward with this idea but I need to validate some parts of it.