Own NFT marketplace

Hello Harmony Supporters, Teams and all which are here.

I want to ask about Harmony network cost fees for own NFT marketplace.
I am planning to hire developer to build my own NFT marketplace. My main idea is to sell only NFTs. But huge size 1 million or 5 million at once. How much have to pay for fees and storage ? What is best option for IPFS platform ?
About smart contract what have to know ?

Thank guys in advance


Hey guys.

Someone can help me about that ?

That’s a pretty tall order

Takes a very large following just to launch a 10k collection.

Artists are now moving to smaller drops 3k. 1 k. So a million is huge. If you could place a million nft collection you would be in with world class thinkers. Not saying it couldn’t be done just the amount of work to push a million nfts onto a community they would all have to be free and you would bear the cost of getting them dropped

Good luck out there in nft land

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What you want to say ? It’s not possible or it’s possible for network but not for artist ? My idea is genius

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Groooove on brother. lots of room in crypto for everything.

why not upload this on ipfs.io ?