Audio NFT potential partnership

Hello everyone,

This is just an idea not a proposal and may sound informal. I just wanted to ask what does this community thinks about Audio embedded NFTs? I always listen to chillhop music and thought that what if chillhop and lofigirl (formerly knows as chilledcow) would partner with Harmony One to make exclusive Audio NFTs that can only be available in Davinci gallery. To put things into perspective, lofigirl [] youtube channel has 9.17m subscribers while chillhop [] has 3.2million. They sell limited edition vinyl records to their subscribers and they always sell out.

I think if one of the team would reach out to them and maybe help them start an account or better yet form a partnership that will give Davinci exclusive content from both parties. It will give Davinci more exposure from lofigirl and chillhops subscribers. 12 million people in total.

What do you guys think?

lofigirl: lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to - YouTube

chillhop: lofi hip hop radio - beats to study/relax to 🐾 - YouTube


I would love to be a part of any team with music in their hearts and in their minds. My goal joining this Protocol is to, “bring Music to Harmony”. To me, this blockchain runs like a 4/4 beat… smooth.

Ive had a personal account with SoundCloud for 8ish years, it’s alright(jk). As a independent music artist, I have a very close relationship with both and SoundCloud.

I’m all ears for anyone who wants to bring, “Melodies to Harmony!” I digress…