NFT Innovation


Im Doggynelson

I would like to help bring Music to! It’s important that Music finds a home in Harmony’s Ecosystem. The MusicNFT Category needs a place to shine because the Music Industry is a huge market and music artists, like myself, need a proper place to mint. DaVinci is such a great dapp and it deserves its due respect/dabs. With that said,

It would be really cool to see another marketplace for NFTs. This platform would focus on music/video art.

  • Sister dapp to
  • Tokenomics would be similar(Marketplace + DAO)
  • Minting - Files: .mp3+.jpeg, mp4 (more space for big file NFTs)
  • Adding more NFT platform strength to Harmony’s Ecosystem

Its called BeatLab Marketplace & BeatLab DAO
I have a write up for this idea if anybody wants more information or wants to connect
Bio -
Feedback is appreciated.