Beyond.Harmony Validator - Unelected Harmony Validator

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Staking Profile

[Link to Staking Profile](Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B)

Commission %


Infrastructure Setup

Currently my backup server setup is on Digital Ocean, location within the USA. New locations and equipment upgrades can be deployed quickly if demand requires.

Main Server - i7 / 32GB RAM / 2TB SSD on UPS located in the UK.

I am keen to maintain high quality and reliable equipment and plan to upgrade equipment regularly.

Databases are stored on an external drive as a back-up.

About Me

Currently the team is only me. I believe in the Harmony blockchain, community, and ecosystem and feel Harmony $ONE has such amazing potential and is going to lead the space at some point in the future.

I read the Harmony whitepaper and decided to become more involved with community and haven’t looked back, I enjoy educating people about the harmony protocol and have been staking Harmony since March 2021.

It was shortly after that (July) I decided to set-up Beyond.Harmony as a validator node.

I have a degree in engineering and enjoy learning new skills. Decentralisation is important to myself and am keen to help new and smaller validators become elected and personally feel it is essential for the growth of the eco-system.

Validator Pledge

Harmony’s Effective Proof-of-Stake Validators are the backbones of the Harmony infrastructure. I/We shall pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service.

I/We have read the Terms and Concepts in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how of running this service, and know the risk-rewards to run this service. I/We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking