Bounty Creation Guideline


Once an idea has been identified for a bounty, dev captains should use the default template to create the issue in Github. The issue should be as verbose and clear as possible. Captains should have a good understanding of the size of the effort in terms of hours required to complete the project.

Newly created bounties should be peer-reviewed by the dev community. Captains should encourage them to smash the like button and to provide feedback.

Once the bounty has been reviewed by the community. The Harmony team will then review and suggest a reward amount to the owner of the bounty. A corresponding Gitcoin bounty will then be created. At this point, the bounty is approved and ready to be shared.


Once the Gitcoin link has been shared and developers have begun working on the project, dev captains will need to keep track of the progress of the bounty. Developers will most likely have technical questions about the requirements. Captains should engage with the developers to help them succeed by providing specification clarity, point them to the appropriate documentation and tutorials, creating and tracking issues, and finding help.

Developers should create a public Github repository under their own account and ensure the code is under the MIT open source license.


Once the developer has completed the project, captains will need to review it to ensure it covers all the requirements from the original bounty specification. For user-facing apps, developers should be encouraged to deploy and temporarily host the UI so captains can review the project end-to-end. Any missing requirements should be flagged and sent back to the developer for completion.

Once the captains are satisfied with the project and code quality, the owner captain should comment on the Github issue stating the project has been signed off by them. The Harmony team will review the project and mark it as completed. Rewards will be issued to the developer and 10% of the reward amount will be issued separately to the dev captain.