Dev Captains responsibilities

Harmony Dev Captains will be helping scale the Harmony developer community in several ways:

  1. Updating and curating developer documentation: defining a better structure for documentation, including some of the key aspects of developing on Harmony (for both web3 and web2 developers), and provide clear examples:
    Developer doc new structure and improvement proposal

  2. Managing community participation for bounties: coordinate and write bounties for Harmony:
    Developer community participation for bounties

  3. Running developer community chat channels and calls: engage developers on Reddit, Discord, Telegram and run regular developer community calls to engage more developers.


Great thank you for this documentation

we could add:
4. Improving the developer engagment by triaging their issues, finding help to resolve issues, monitoring if the issues are resolved in the timely manner and escalating it, encouraging more and more developers to use the forum for asking questions & getting answers (when the questions are being asked in discord & telegram channels).

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Dev Captain Kickoff Meeting Notes

  1. Spread knowledge and talk with developers + community members about on going bounties, hackathons, issue resolutions
  2. Patrol the forum, discord, telegram, …, and X communication channels for community input, interests, and ideas.
  3. Ramp up new developers - developer education … ideas on how to get it out there
  4. 1 minute intro for harmony broader developer call
  5. Dev captains are the connection point between core team and community
  6. We are Stakeholders/Product Owners – the captains care deeply about the community + tech growth and help facilitate growth.
  7. Guide community feedback into code improvements through git bounty system
  8. We are open source with ideas we want to create, and problems we are trying to solve.
  9. Out reach out reach out reach, make the community feel heard!
  10. Look out for developers in specialized sections of the projects in the harmony ecosystem
  11. The captains are a collective to expedite knowledge flow through each other and out to the world
  12. Have a lot of fun along the way and enjoy the journey!

Nice to hear you all in the zoom call. not sure if this is the correct thread i just wanted to follow up on the last question in the meeting regarding being approached to develop a project for some one.

When a company comes and asking for a solution they want to talk to a team leader and a developer team. They will not want to talk to “the community”.
I think we will need to have some sort of point of contact e.g. the Dev Captain but the dev captains will need to have a support team that can reach out and ask can we do xyz. This can be a Kickstarter for companies to spun out that work on Harmony projects.
Does this sound interesting and plausible?