Developer Captains' Weekly Update - 3

Developer Captains’ Weekly Update

Community Spotlights

Introducing Dev Captain Severin!

  • I’m a Software Engineer from Germany. I got a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and I am working as a Developer for three years. I’m a Full Stack developer, and I am always excited about new technologies. Since my teenage years, I’m interested in Graphic Design, and therefore I’m a pretty decent designer. I’m still learning the harmony toolkit, and I take part in the Gitcoin bounties. I’m already planning to create a simple DApp, but not anytime soon.
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Harmony Tutorials Released this past week with more on the way!

  1. HOW-TO: Moving assets from Binance to Harmony using the Horizon Bridge - YouTube
  2. HOW-TO: Adding liquidity to SushiSwap on Harmony - YouTube
  3. HOW-TO: Terra + Harmony Bridge - YouTube
  4. HOW-TO: Swap, Add Liquidity, Farm LP Tokens & Verify on the Explorer. - YouTube
  5. HOW-TO: Switch to Harmony. Perform a Swap. - YouTube
  6. HOW-TO: Add Liquidity Provider Tokens to a Farm on SushiSwap. - YouTube
  7. HOW-TO: Removing Liquidity from SushiSwap on Harmony - YouTube
  8. HOW-TO: Moving Assets from Ethereum to Harmony using the Horizon Bridge - YouTube
  • Today’s Dev meeting may cover more tutorial topics to be produced or expanded on

Last Week’s Dev Captain’s Meeting Notes


  1. Can be discouraging when we see bounties get accepted but then they aren’t great
  2. Encourage establishing relationships with bounty creators and provide clear communication channels outside of the GitHub forum.
    a. Boilerplate text with private channels or public channels
    b. Telegram dm, twitter dm
  3. Timelines that are soft to start, until we gather all devs
    a. Express the timeline clearly and make sure it makes sense for the bounty
  4. Proactively ask devs who have claimed to start the bounty
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