Bounty: Generation Crypto Marketing Contest

Name of Project

Generation Crypto: Marketing Contest & Conference

Proposal overview

Gen C 2021 ( is a community-led contest that will take place virtually November 1-30th. The goal of the contest is to put up a marketing bounty(s) to supercharge our growth. The conference will source 500+ creators and marketers that boost demand & users for our ecosystem.


The objective of sponsoring this event is to find creative solutions to gain exposure and users for Harmony. By sponsoring this event, Harmony will put up 1 or 2 request-for-proposals with an attached bounty. We will then have the choice to execute submitted proposals to directly increase our growth. Additionally, this is a good opportunity for Harmony to gain a wide breadth of brand exposure as hundreds of developers, marketers, and web3 users from all over the world are planning to participate.

Proposal ask

Sponsor $30,000 to the Generation Crypto: Marketing Contest & Conference 2021

Metrics for success

With $30,000, we can submit 1 or 2 marketing bounties and receive 5-15 proposals to help us grow our community.

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Hi @amartin, thank you for your proposal submission! Your website looks great, the trailer is well-made, and the speakers lineup is looking good.

I have to point out right from the start however, that the proposal is not to solve a Bounty yourselves, but rather an ask for sponsoring your event where you’ll give out Bounties.

Having said that, I invite you to review Harmony’s Guideline #7 for Events, to see if a better fitting proposal could arise.

Here’s a preview:

10+100 Events ($10M). Organizers of each event follow our templates to bring in new builders. Harmony has success with Gitcoin, DoraHacks, ETH Global and DevPost with $2M+ campaigns. We recommend hosting our own quarterly hackathons with $1M prizes each, sponsoring $100K workshops for industry-wide conferences, giving $50K keynotes in regional events, and empowering 100 local organizers – with $1K budget for a 20-attendee 2-speaker event, or $5K for 50 with 4 speakers, and $10K for 100 with a co-sponsor.