Bring Radiant Isle to

Greetings Harmonauts :woman_astronaut:

I have been thinking a lot about the abuse of trust our community recently experienced; regarding #RadientIsleNFT and it’s apparent Dishonest intentions for this project.

I have 2 things to talk about…

1. Let’s be proactive.
I’ve reached out to the developers at about working with them to bootstrap some kind of community organized vetting process, including opt-in code reporting/review and a data based consumer risk score.

I have also reached out to about helping to publish these reports and risk scores, including updates when changes are made, in the form of short youtube videos.

I have reached out to some community developers for feedback and would love to hear from the rest of the community about your thoughts or your willingness to participate in this kind of collective action?

The scale and growth of this challenge will only get harder to manage with time…
so we’re trying to take it one step at a time.

2. Is the value of this project really in the money this loser ran off with?

A lot of good people got caught up in this thing…
I would like to add at this point, I did not buy any nor do I own any Radiant Isle NFTs

So I wanted to ask if anyone was interested in helping me bring
“Harmony to this Radiant Isles episode”…

Would anyone be interested in helping me to replace Radiant Isles?
to simply Harmonize :billed_cap: this art? here:DaVinci
and effectively fork it to “HarmonyLand”?
Because it’s simply using Davinci.Gallery…

We would just need to mint new tokens to those who currently have the existing supply?

And we could reframe the narrative…

from the community being wronged…

to more accurately…
Someone started something interesting and people supported the idea…
Their actions were unfortunate but we do not need the people who started this to honor the community members who bought into the idea.
and that’s what we could show…
Through #Resiliency #HarmonyWins

Can we can get to work!? :mechanical_arm:

I have purchased the domain and think there should be a DAO created for this, where land owners get some say in the future of HarmonyLand.

All for $ONE
$ONE for All


Very cool idea, thanks for starting this conversation


Update: Our team is planning to use some of the tech we’re building for the #developers:hackathon to create something that can automatically mint a new “HarmonyLand Filtered” version of the orginal map images and then mint fresh #HarmonyLand tokens for everyone that was burned by RadiantIsle…

We’re going to focus on our #hackathon for now and circle back around!

Stay tuned!


Thanks for your support. I am humbled to be a part of this wonderful community


I think this is a great idea. We would need to mint more land and that would raise the funds to make this possible. And better to have some prototype to show people and a doxxed team etc

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I would love to learn more about the @trustlessteam devs technical experiences. I would like to participate in a consulting or project coordinator capacity. I have been a systems engineer, network engineer, architect, operations management, project management, ISP business founder (1997), and now a Harmony validator roles. I hate that our ONE family were taken advantaged and I would like to contribute in any way to grow the Harmony community.

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I’m subscribed, curious since I hold 5 paperweight parcels would I have 5 tokens for parcels in Harmony Land :eyes:

Secondly thank you @eddnorris and the rest of the team, we wish you great success during the hackathon!

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That would be wonderful!

I’ve been working in the gaming/application development space for most of my career (10+ Years); You can find out more info on my LinkedIn Edd Norris - Co-Founder - TrustlessTeam, DAO | LinkedIn

There’s more about the TrustlessTeam at

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! been SUPER busy :slight_smile: